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Phoenix Machinery Supports Lebanese Technical Schools

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Phoenix Machinery partakes in the UNESCO seminar called 'The Future of Technical Education in Lebanon' held at UNESCO palace on 2 October 2010.

Phoenix Machinery demonstrates dedication to the improvement of the Lebanese technical school curriculum by presenting at the seminar organized by the Institut Européen de Coopération et de Développement (IECD - European Institute for Cooperation and Development).

Under the patronage of the
Minister of Education and Higher Education, Hassan Mneimneh, the seminar addresses the reasons behind the decrease in the number of students enrolling in industrial specifications in technical schools.

The seminar continues to present solutions by setting forth a new curriculum aimed at improving student ‘Electro-Technique’ skills for the Technical Baccalaureate Level.

IECD, a French charity non-governmental organization (NGO) established in 1988, supports emergent nation social and economic advancement. IECD's initiative “Seeds of Hope” supports the social and professional integration of youth in Lebanon.

Phoenix Machinery’s Approach to the Lebanese Technical Educational Systems

Rabih Osta, Phoenix Machinery General Manager, overviewed the current situation and addressed key factors affecting the technical education system in Lebanon. He continued to discuss industrial market needs and how the new curriculum meets these needs. Finally, he presented suggestions for the future progression of the technical education system.

Osta emphasized the need for a new curriculum that covers mechanical and electrical aspects of new machineries and provides courses related to work quality, international standards, planning and communication.

(L-R) : Rabih Osta, Phoenix Machinery General Manager; Julien Feghali, Schneider Electric East Med. General Director; Gregor Schultz, International Labor Organization Expert

Furthermore, he highlighted the importance of adding new equipment in technical school labs. Osta pinpointed the necessity to establish a training program for teachers and a periodic review of the curriculum to constantly remain in-tune with industrial changes and market needs, as well as technological improvements.

Rabih Osta, Phoenix Machinery General Manager states,

“In summary, we expect the effective implementation of the new 'mechatronics’ curriculum and hope to extend it to the TS level. We further hope to review the curriculum periodically adapting to market needs and to conduct training sessions for teachers to keep them updated with the latest technology.”

Phoenix Machinery and a member of INDEVCO Group, the 'Local Multinational of the Middle East'.


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