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INDEVCO Presentation Engages Arab Beverage Conference Attendees

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INDEVCO offers Arab Beverage Conference attendees an attention-grabbing presentation on 28 October 2010.

Maher Dabbous, on behalf of INDEVCO, a multinational group of companies that manufacture flexible and corrugated packaging products, presented beverage packaging trends, what to expect from packaging suppliers, and international sustainability initiatives.

The Arab Beverage Conference promotes the region's non-alcoholic beverage industry with recommendations for implementation by the Arab League.
The 2-day conference, sponsored by Tetra Pak, Al Rabie and the Association of Lebanese Industrialists (ALI), was held in Adnan Kassar Edifice for Arab Economy in Beirut, Lebanon on 27-28 October.

Organizers of the event included: Arab Federation for Food Industries, General Union of Chamber of Commerce, Industries, and Agriculture for Arab Countries (GUCCIAAC), Arab Beverages Association, and the Federation of the Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture in Lebanon.

Arab Beverage Packaging Presentation

Neemat Frem, President & CEO of INDEVCO and President of the Association of Lebanese Industrialists, attended the opening session of the event under the patronage of the Minister of State, Adnan Kassar. Frem presented a speech about the history of the beverage industry in the Arab world and its importance as an economic solution to natural resources.

Maher Dabbous, INDEVCO Flexible Packaging Market Development Director, shared INDEVCO Group’s vast knowledge and experience in packaging such beverages as juice and nectar, hot beverages (tea and coffee), carbonated soft drinks, water, and dairy.

Dabbous emphasized how customers now drive trends and that a major objective must be to attain customer satisfaction. One major trend is sustainability; manufacturers must set goals related to natural resources, for example, using recycling materials, lightweighting and reducing unnecessary secondary packaging.

Furthermore, Dabbous elucidated what beverage manufacturers should look for when evaluating packaging suppliers, including certifications, manufacturing excellence and technologies, packaging design and printing capabilities, laboratory testing, quality control, sustainability efforts, and creativity.

Finally, the presentation highlighted examples of inspired packaging from across the world.

Dabbous concluded with a brief overview of INDEVCO’s corporate values, mission, and vision.

Conference Program

Arab Beverage Conference 2010 featured the following sessions:

1 - Reality & Prospects of the Beverage Sector in the Arab World & Globally

The Arab Beverage Sector: The Arab League Vision
Bahjat Abou El Nasr

Arab League

Reality & Prospects of the Arab Beverage Industry

Falah Jabr
Arab Federation for Food Industries

The Arab Beverage Industry: Past Indicators & Future Prospects – A Retail Perspective

Stefanous Nicolaou
Nielsen Group

The National Company: Reality & Challenges

Ahmad Al Khairy
National Company for Food Industries

2 - Quality Assurance, Safety & Industrial Adulteration in Beverages

Quality Assurance in Arab Beverages & Adulteration Prevention in all its Aspects
Hayssam Jaffan
Arab Federation for Food Industries

Ensuring the Safety of Non-Alcoholic Beverages
Zeina Kassaify
American University of Beirut

Standards of Beverages in Arab World & Globally
Hani Al Dmour
Al-Balqa’ Applied University, Jordan

The Saudi Food & Drug Authority: Overview & Definition
Majed Al Khalaf
Saudi Food & Drug Authority

3- Competitiveness, Protection and Dumping of Beverage Sector within the Arab Free Trade & WTO

The Impact of Global Financial Crisis on Arab Industries & the Expected Role of the Arab Free Trade
May Serhal
General Union of Arab Chambers

Quality Program & its Role in Promoting Export
Ali Berro
Ministry of Economy and Trade, Lebanon

4- Modern Techniques and Latest Developments in Beverages

Beverages, Trends & Innovations for the Middle East
Stephan Petroschka
Doehler, Middle East

Cargill Offer to Copy with the New Trends in the Beverage Sector
Reginald Bokkelen

Obesity & Food Industry Global Commitment
Thea Chumburidze
The Coca Cola Company - Eurasia & Africa, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs

Nutritious Beverages by Using Nano Technology Processing
Brian Sulaiman
Dena Technology

5- Filling and Packaging Systems of Beverages and Related Environmental Issues

Global Trends in the Beverage Industry, New Innovations and Technologies in Processing & Packaging
Lara Nassar
Tetra Pak Arabia

Comprehensive One Stop Source in Beverage Packaging

Maher Dabbous

New Technology to Increase Efficiency & Reduce Running Cost
Antoine Haddad
Technica International

The Arab Federation for Food Industries announced that the Arab Food Industries & Franchising Forum will take place at the Dead Sea in Jordan from 1-2 February 2011.

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