Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Photoblog: INDEVCO Online Communications Unit Holds Regional Unit Marketing Meet-Up

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On 15 November 2010, INDEVCO Online Communications Unit held the Regional Unit Marketing Meet-Up at INDEVCO headquarters located in Ajaltoun, Lebanon.

The conference began early morning and lasted the entire day bringing
together attendees from various divisions of the NEMA Regional Unit


George Abou Jawdeh
NEMA Field Sales Manager / Levant

Hana Elia
NEMA Sales Service Coordinator / Levant

Amal Merhi
MASTERPAK Marketing Manager

Naji Majdalani
NEMA Levant Regional Sales Manager

Toufic Safi
NEMA Area Sales Manager /Levant

Merched Nemeh
COMPACT Marketing Manager

Raji Bitar
NAPCO Regional Manager (UK & Ireland)

E. Feghali
INDEVCO Online Communications Unit Director

Nicole Jabre
Corporate Communications Specialist

Shukri Karam
NEMA Asia Regional Manager

E. Feghali engaging the attendees

Attendees filled out evaluations

NEMA Regional Unit Marketing Meet-Up Program

The conference covered the following topics:

Online Communications Unit Services & Relation to Other Units
How do INDEVCO service units work together to serve you?

Marketing as a Management Process
How has our group’s approach to global marketing evolved?

Prospect Databases

Are your prospect and customer databases in order?

Building Customer Profiles
With which criteria do you segment and evaluate prospects? What would your ‘ideal customer’ profiles / sector look like?

Lead Management & Nurturing of Prospects
How are you organized to manage lead generation efforts? What are best practices for converting prospects?

Using Social Media for Sales Prospecting
How can you generate and qualify credible leads and follow customers and competitors using LinkedIn and Twitter

Corporate Identity & back Office Communications
Are you promoting one consistent corporate identity in your written communications? How can you significantly improve communications with prospects and customers?

Content Marketing Approach / Global Marketing Initiative
What corporate and product content do you have on-hand to communicate with prospects and customers in our vertical sectors? (Audit) What resources need to be developed to support your sales efforts?

Marketing Tools at Your Disposal
Which existing print, web & electronic tools can you use to communicate with prospects & customers?

NEMA Regional Unit is an INDEVCO Group Sales Unit responsible for the Arabian Gulf Markets. INDEVCO Group is the 'Local Multinational of the Middle East'.

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