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Read Almoughtareb Magazine Interview with Interstate Paper Industries GM

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Emile Boustany’s interview, titled ‘Lebanese in Egypt’ is featured in Almoughtareb magazine’s September/October 2010 issue.

The interview addresses INDEVCO operations in the local Egyptian market. Emile Boustany, General Manager of Interstate Paper Industries and prior General Manager of Unipak Nile, represented INDEVCO due to his extensive experience and knowledge in the Egyptian Market.

INDEVCO Group member companies in Egypt consist of Unipak Nile, a corrugated packaging manufacturer in 6th of October city; Interstate Paper Industries, a manufacturer of jumbo tissue rolls in Sadat City; and Sanita Nile, a sales and distribution office of consumer disposables in Cairo.

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During the interview, Boustany covered various topics discussing how INDEVCO entered the Egyptian market, the steps taken and challenges faced, as well as future prospects and investments, and how INDEVCO gives back to the Egyptian community.

In the first part of the interview, Boustany explains Unipak Nile’s journey to becoming a fully-operational manufacturing plant in Egypt and how it began as an exporter of corrugated packaging for oranges. Unipak Nile currently produces corrugated packaging for the industrial, agricultural and retail sectors.

The interview continued to cover the reasons behind why Unipak Nile stands out from other manufacturers in the market. Unipak Nile is one of the few manufacturers that are ISO 9001:2000 and HACCP certified. Furthermore, it utilizes a computerized system and offers online ordering and tracking, a tool new to the Egyptian market.

Boustany further discussed how INDEVCO gives back to the Egyptian community and promotes the economy. Unipak Nile, Interstate Paper Industries, and Sanita Nile create jobs for locals decreasing the local unemployment rate. Furthermore, raw materials are purchased not only from European, Asian and American markets but also from the local market supporting the local industry.

INDEVCO plans to open Sanita Consumer Products (SCP) in Sadat City to manufacture consumer products in Egypt serving Sanita Nile in the coming year.

The interview ended with Boustany explaining the differences between working in Lebanon and Egypt through his personal experiences and preferences.

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