Thursday, December 23, 2010

Private Launches ‘Passionate by Nature’ Campaign

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Private by Sanita, a leading brand of feminine hygiene products in the Middle East, is launching ‘Passionate by Nature’ campaign.

Private ‘Passionate by Nature’ campaign is a tribute to the true essence of women. The concept of “Passionate by Nature” is derived from the fact that the essence of a women is a perfect combination of unconditional love, will, eagerness to live the moment, and determination to fulfill one's aspirations.

Private’s ‘Passionate by Nature’ campaign combines TV commercials, radio ads, social media and online communication.

‘Passionate by Nature’ TV Campaign

Private truly believes that women are “Passionate by Nature”. Private is meant to be the reflection of their true essence and all women should see their passionate side and image within this new communication umbrella.

The TV commercial previews four sides of women's passions:

Private Will
A woman’s will to succeed.

Private Moments: A woman’s ability to fill the life of her loved one's with touching moments.

Private Love: A woman’s unconditional love.

Private Fulfillment: A woman’s determination to fulfill her goals.

Private 'Passionate by Nature' Online Contest

An online contest will be launched from 5 - 31 January 2010. Stay tuned for more details to be announced soon.

Private Maxi Pocket TVC

Parallel to the ‘Passionate by Nature’ TV ad, Private will also air its Private Maxi Pocket commercial.

The campaign highlights the main features of the new Private Maxi Pocket product: compressed, super absorbent, individually wrapped folded feminine sanitary napkin with a triple security zone and natural cotton feel.

Both TV campaigns will appear on major Middle Eastern Television stations.

Sanita is a leading consumer hygiene disposables manufacturer in Lebanon.

For More Information

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+961-9-209-000 (Outside Lebanon)
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