Friday, January 28, 2011

Unipak Nile Implements Lean Manufacturing Principles

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Egyptian corrugated packaging manufacturer improves company performance by initiating implementation of World Class Operations Management (WCOM™) system.

In line with the goal to reach a smooth stream of operations, Unipak Nile named its World Class Operations Management (WCOM™) system ‘Al-Ghadir’ or ‘stream’ in Arabic.

In ‘Al-Ghadir’, lean manufacturing principles reduce scraps and reworks, generating sustainable savings. The WCOM™ system ensures a smooth process flow, zero defects and breakdowns. It also balances time between various operations and manages work in process (WIP).

‘Al- Ghadir’ is being jointly implemented by INDEVCO Paper Container Division Center for Technical Excellence (CTE), Solving Efeso international strategy consultants, and a local Egyptian consultancy, Hands-On.

Phases of 'Al-Ghadir' WCOM™ System

WCOM’s three phases improve company performance: preparation, pilot, and expansion. The system improves operations and operation management by increasing productivity, quality and know-how, as well as reducing total cost, WIP, scraps and reworks.

Unipak Nile, currently in the preparation phase, is evaluating the gap between actual and ideal operational performances. This allows Unipak Nile, Solving Efeso and Hands-On to define areas for improvement and identify ‘Pilot Projects’ that will be executed in the 2nd phase.

Unipak Nile manufactures boxes, trays, and other corrugated packaging for the agricultural, beverage, catering, dairy, hygiene disposables, industrial, petro/chemical, processed food, paramedical, soap and detergent industries.

Unipak Nile in 6th October City, Egypt, is a member of INDEVCO Paper Containers, a division of INDEVCO Group.

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