Monday, March 28, 2011

Uniplast Achieves a New Production Record

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Uniplast celebrates a 2,908 MT closing in 28 days, the highest production record to date.

The polyethylene (PE) film manufacturer in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, went from an average monthly closing of 1,700 MT / month in 2010 to 2,908 MT in February 2011. The higher production capacity is a result of increased export sales, improved plant efficiency and new calcium carbonate production.

On 6 March 2011, Uniplast team members gathered with Jihad Frem, Uniplast General Manager, and Sarkis Dagher, Napco Area General Manager, who recognized the team’s hard efforts and celebrated the achievement.

Frem, Uniplast General Manager, thanked the team and stated,

“Such achievements are not achieved by chance rather they are a result of the combined effort of each member of the team. When each member works to add value to the company and improve the status quo, the end result can only be success. The road of continuous improvement never ends and keeps the company growing. ”

Rabih Ghanem, Uniplast Marketing Unit Head, explains,

"We consider this new record a live testimony of our combined efforts to achieve smooth production by efficiently allocating resources, reducing waste and improving productivity while ensuring high receptivity to the needs and trends of today’s fast moving markets."

In line with the new record, Uniplast team is working on improving the stretch line output, to reach 1800 MT / month of stretch film, by upgrading its main machinery component. This will maximize asset utilization and avoid further capital expenditure where possible.

Furthermore, filler production began in January 2010 and has reached a smooth production level fairly quickly.

Uniplast manufactures PE packaging and films, including food storage bags, manual stretch film, machine stretch film, pallet covers/ top sheets, refuse sacks (trash bags) and disposable table covers. The manufacturer has also begun trial productions on Oxo-Biodegradable plastics.

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Rabih Ghanem, Marketing Unit Head
Industrial Area 4, Street # 407
Jeddah 21438 Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966 -2-608-1118
Fax: +966-2-847-063
E-mail: rabih.ghanem[at]
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