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COMPACT Offers Butter Wrap Solutions

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COMPACT offers various butter packaging options to meet butter producers' needs.

In order to fully serve the butter packaging industry, Saudi PE film manufacturer and converter, COMPACT, produces a variety of butter wraps. Most commonly used films include: PE based lamination, hot-melt based (wax) lamination, and water based lamination.

Butter is a volatile dairy product that solidifies in cool temperatures, separates in room temperature and liquefies in higher temperatures. Thus, the right type of packaging film is key in order to maintain the products integrity during transport and storing.

Each type of wrap, manufactured by COMPACT, presents different benefits and characteristics, which butter producers can choose from according to preferences and requirements. Furthermore, laminates can be tailored made to match a customer's specific needs.

World butter demand is growing in 2010 – 2011, parallel to the improving economic activity in key butter importing regions: Asia, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and Russia.[1] Different importing countries have varying butter packaging requirements, thus posing the need for differentiated butter wrap.

Butter Wrap Solutions

COMPACT’s PE Based Lamination

For butter producers interested in superior bonding strength, PE based extrusion lamination is the butter wrap of choice. COMPACT manufactures PE based extrusion lamination, through which multiple layers are laminated together using melted PE spread evenly onto paper/foil and bonded together.

PE based extrusion lamination is also known as ‘bullet proof butter wrap’ due to its superior bonding strength and dead fold effect. Most importantly, this film is solvent-free, making it the most reliable and demanded film.

Furthermore, PE based extrusion lamination films have been adapted to run on various well-known international packaging machines, as well as operate and run at high speeds. 

Storage conditions require room temperatures and dry places, reducing the additional costs that arise from the need for cooling storages.

COMPACT’s Hot-Melt Based (Wax) Lamination

Hot-melt based/wax lamination provides very good adhesion and excellent dead fold of the packaging film. The lamination process melts a special grade of wax to bond the layers together.

Storage conditions, however, require a cooling room to prevent the reaction of the wax when exposed to high temperatures (especially in hot climate countries).

Merched Nahmy, COMPACT Marketing Manager, clarifies,

“Our newly adapted hot-melt has the capabilities of withstanding shipping / container temperatures that reach up to 50 and 60 degrees.”

COMPACT’s Water Based Lamination

Water based lamination uses a food grade adhesive to bond layers together, eliminating the risk factors of any unwanted solvent based chemical reactions. This type of film can run on high-speed machines.ealing lacquers can be applied, though, to create a low temperature seal while running on the packing machine, thus not totally depending on the dead fold effect.

Storage conditions do not require cooling rooms, and the film can be stored in dry and room temperature conditions.

This film, however, has declined over the years due to stiffness created by the adhesive, causing dead fold effects to be reduced. Sealing lacquers can be applied to create low temperature seal while running on the packing machine, thus not totally depending on the dead fold effect.

All three lamination films can be printed in up to 8 colors with high quality inks and offer the features of embossed or non-embossed, depending on the users requirements. Also for butter packaging, COMPACT produces printed laminated peelable top film with aluminium base for butter portions.

Futhermore, COMPACT manufactures other dairy packging, such as: L
aminated outer wrappers for sliced cheese, packaging film for shredded cheese, peelable lids for cheese spread, ice cream bar wrappers, aluminium peel lids in rolls for yogurt, labels - PE stretch sleeves labels for milk bottles, labels - roll-fed labels for liquid milk bottles, pouch packaging for milk powder, and aluminium lids in reels for yoghurt cups.

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