Friday, April 15, 2011

Flame Retardant Film for the Construction Industry

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Napco Modern Plastic Products Company – Sack Division remains aligned with construction industry market trends for safer flame retardant aluminum composite panels.

The PE film manufacturer, Napco Modern Sack Division, conducted market studies concerning aluminum composite panels (ACP) and found a growing demand in the region for flame retardant PE adhesive film.

Napco Modern Sack Division in Dammam, Saudi Arabia manufactures polyethylene (PE) bonding/adhesive film, which is sandwiched between two sheets of smooth aluminum, forming ACP for decorative external cladding and internal décor. [1]

The flame retardant PE adhesive film enables the aluminum composite panel to keep all benefits of normal adhesive film but with weather and environmental resistance. Flame retardant ACP is a safer and greener panel that coincides with growing environmental awareness and social responsibility requirements.

Flame retardant ACP can withstand strong weather conditions and avoid catching fire easily when exposed to high temperatures. Furthermore, the panel has a slower rate of combustion, as well as acid and corrosion resistance.

The fire-resistant component impedes the spread of fire across the surface of the ACP, minimizes fire hazard risks, and does not emit pollutants/toxins and carcinogenic substances into the atmosphere. All these characteristics make the flame retardant ACP ideal for projects, such as towers, hospitals and airports.

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