Tuesday, May 31, 2011

INDEVCO Launches Dairy Packaging Portal

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lNDEVCO’s new user-friendly interactive daily packaging portal is now online, providing interested prospects and customers in-depth sector and product-related information, vivid product photos, and online communication tools.

INDEVCO’s new dairy packaging portal offers details about corrugated packaging, paper materials, and plastic and composite films for butter, cheese, milk (liquid and powder), ice cream, yogurt, and other dairy product derivatives.

INDEVCO companies manufacture primary and secondary packaging, such as corrugated boxes, displays, shelf ready packaging, trays, in addition to composite films in mono-layer, laminated and coated structures, as well as thermoforming films to protect, conserve, pack, transport and wrap dairy products.

Consistent with INDEVCO’s new sector portals, the new dairy packaging portal provides product specifications and images, as well as brochures. Visitors may engage in live online chat with an INDEVCO representative for product inquiries, and submit direct requests for quotes (RFQ). RFQs are processed by INDEVCO Lead Generation Unit.

The interactive portal also provides a determinative tool to help browsers find products and sectors related to their areas of interest. Furthermore, visitors can remain in-tune with industry events, sector, product and company news and developments, and interact on INDEVCO social media channels.

INDEVCO Group manufactures paper and plastic flexible packaging, corrugated containers and displays, and tissue consumer and institutional disposables.

INDEVCO dairy packaging portal is powered by the Online Communications Unit, a service unit of INDEVCO Group.

For More Information

INDEVCO Lead Generation Unit
Ajaltoun, Lebanon

Tel: +961-9 209 108
E-mail: salessupport[at]indevcoexport.com
Web: http://www.dairypackaging.com/

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