Friday, August 12, 2011

MASTERPAK Meets Customer Needs for Dry Food Inner Liners

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Lebanese polyethylene film manufacturer in Zouk Mosbeh, MASTERPAK, addresses dry food packaging requirements to maintain product freshness and integrity.

MASTERPAK offers dry food inner liners, polyethylene (PE) co-extruded blown films, for packaging dry food, mostly cereal, in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The inner liner packs and protects cereals and dry foods from moisture re-absorption and contamination, thus securing product freshness and crispness. 

Bachir Awwad, MASTERPAK Market Manager for dry food inner liners, states,

“We started exporting successfully our cereal inner liners to Africa and the Middle East”

The 3-layer structure of MASTERPAK’s dry food inner liners increases stiffness to protect from puncturing.  The inner liner, however, maintains seal integrity (strong air-tight seal), which is designed to ensure that food odor is sealed in and does not attract nasty pantry pests.

Furthermore, the co-extruded PE inner liner provides improved sealing property, accommodating to the dry food manufacturing process on automatic high-speed Form-Fill-Seal (FFS) machines. This results in faster filling speed and thus increased efficiency.

Awwad continues,

“We are confident that our cereal liners, made of special grade resins, will meet the requirements of our customers and will pay off in maximized productivity, savings and revenue for their companies.

The special sealant layer is designed for easy bag opening with low heat seal initiation temperature, combined with excellent tack properties. This structure allows higher speed filling on the vertical FFS packaging lines.”

MASTERPAK is a member of INDEVCO Flexible Packaging, a division of INDEVCO Group.

For More Information

Bachir Awwad
Market Manager, Geomembrane / Petrochemical & Dry Food Packaging
P.O.Box: 11-2354 Beirut
Zouk, Lebanon

Tel:  +961-9-209 001 
Fax: +961-9-209 002
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