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Private Brand Lists ‘Private Song’ Contest Winners

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Private brand by Sanita, Lebanese consumer hygiene disposables manufacturer, names all winners of the successful two-part ‘Private Song’ contest, which ran through 29 July – 26 August 2011.

Private, leading brand of feminine hygiene products, launched ‘Private Song’ online and radio contest to engage and interact with ladies in Lebanon 13 years and above. The contest aimed at fostering a fun spirit and testing the singing skills and lyrical memory of all women who participated.

Ladies partaking in the Facebook game were to guess the daily unknown song in the least amount of time, while participants of the radio contest during weekdays were required to sing the daily song in the most unique way in order to win the $100/day.

‘Private Song’ Facebook Game Winners

Participants of the Facebook game competed to be the first to guess the name of the daily song in the least amount of time in order to win the daily prize of $100 USD. To take part in the game ladies liked Private by Sanita – Official Fan Pageand chose letters from a virtual keyboard to guess the song, similar to Hangman. Contestants were granted an allowance of 5 wrong guesses before losing the daily game. Daily winners of the Facebook game were named on Facebook the following day.

‘Private Song’ Radio Singing Contest Winners

Participants called Radio One (105.5 FM) weekdays, during “The Maximus Experience” at 5 p.m. and enjoyed a laugh while singing the song of the day at the top of their lungs and demonstrating singing talent or courage. Daily winners of the $100/day were those that song with the most originality.

Produced by Sanita in Lebanon, Private brand includes Private Maxi, Private Maxi Pocket and Extra Thin sanitary napkins, Freshdays panty liners, and Miss Teen products for teenagers.

Private by Sanita is a member of INDEVCO Group’s consumer division.

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