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Unipak Nile Achieves High Results in Internal Operational Audit

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Unipak Nile received INDEVCO Paper Containers Operational Excellence Award for its exceptional performance in the internal operational audit.

Three times a year, the Center for Technical Excellence (CTE) department runs operational performance measurements and audits on all INDEVCO Paper Containers division affiliate lines, work centers, and equipments. Egypt- based corrugated packaging manufacturer, Unipak Nile, is the first of INDEVCO Paper Containers (IPC) companies to attain silver ranking (63%) in the stringent internal operational audits. 

INDEVCO Paper Containers Operational Excellence Award

Due to Unipak Nile’s high audit results, the corrugated packaging manufacturer received the INDEVCO Paper Containers silver ranking award for Operational Excellence in 2010 (Silver 60%, Gold 75%, Platinum 90%). CTE presented the award to Unipak Nile General Manager, Gilbert Hobeika, during the 2011 Q2 Business Review Meeting on 27 July 2011.

Gilbert Hobeika, Unipak Nile General Manager, states,

“The IPC Operational Excellence Award has come during a period of turn-around in Unipak Nile. In a competitive market, such as Egypt, with export opening to Europe, we believe it is important to reflect high quality standards in order to serve international companies and continuously build our reputation as a quality supplier. These standards are reflected by increased efficiency through a better and safer work place and excellent machine conditions.

Unipak Nile’s continuous improvement, over the past 2 years, as well as the team’s high motivation, led to this remarkable achievement.  We, at Unipak Nile, strongly believe that further improvement will keep us ahead of the competition and we will keep nurturing such initiatives for higher excellence.”  

Dani Khoury, INDEVCO Paper Containers CTE Manager, adds,

“In-line with IPC’s Operational Excellence Strategy, this award recognizes the best performing team in the implementation of lean manufacturing concepts.

This strategy supports our belief that a lean operation is the ultimate answer to future challenges our business will face in the region.

A tidy and organized workplace and shop-floor, coupled with machinery in “tip-top” shape are major contributors to the increase in Overall Equipment Effectiveness, thus production will increase using same equipment and under the same roof (same plant)”

CTE Internal Operational Audit Scope

The operational audit deals with the measurement of the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), equipment condition assessment and 5S implementation. CTE auditors measure machine availability, rate, and output quality, to determine the level of OEE in the plants and evaluate machine/line efficiency.

Equipment condition is assessed based on two categories: machine cleaning condition and machine preservation condition. Furthermore, the audit evaluates plant organization, housekeeping, cleanliness and safety in the work area, based on the five pillars of the 5S methodology: sort, set in order, shine, standardize, and sustain.

CTE Internal Operational Audit Standards

CTE auditors assess each IPC affiliate based on a scoring sheet. Even minor issues and errors are strictly deducted from overall score to make sure that only plants with the utmost efficient operations receive high results. The better the plant is running, maintaining, cleaning, and preserving its machines, the higher the audit score results.

CTE’s operational audit drives compliance to high standards aiming to surpass external audits requirements. The goal of the operational audit is to ensure continuous improvement in performance level of INDEVCO Paper Containers division affiliates to provide superior quality and service through effective and efficient operations.

Unipak Nile manufactures retail ready packaging, shelf ready packaging, point-of-purchase (POP) displays, promotional cartons, and corrugated boxes for the agricultural, beverage, catering, dairy, hygiene disposables, industrial, petro/chemical, processed food, paramedical, soap and detergent industries.

Unipak Nile, located in 6th of October City, Egypt, is a member of INDEVCO Paper Containers, a division of INDEVCO Group.

Contact Information
Dani Khoury, CTE Manager
Center of Technical Excellence (CTE)
Ajaltoun, Tellet el Assafir

Tel: +961-9-230 130 Ext. 3024

E-mail: dani.khoury[at]
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