Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sanita Club Launches ‘I Love KSA – Mawtini’ Campaign for Saudi National Day

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Sanita Club’s ‘I Love KSA – Mawtini’ promotion gives away a decorative National Day tissue box with every purchase of 5 packs of Sanita Club facial and toilet tissue.

For the second consecutive year, Napco’s tissue and household disposables brand, Sanita Club, is celebrating Saudi Arabia’s National Day by launching ‘I Love Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) – Mawtini’ campaign. As part of Napco’s commitment to the community, the campaign on Facebook and promotional giveaway intend to instill a spirit of pride among citizens of the kingdom.

Saudi National Day, on 23 September 2011, recognizes the kingdom’s unification in 1932, by King Abdul-Aziz. Saudi National Day represents advancement, growth, and security for the kingdom.

Sanita Club’s campaign uses mobile barcodes on the back of each ‘I Love KSA – Mawtini’ tissue box to link to the ‘Mawtini – KSA’ Facebook fan page. Customers scan the barcode into smart cell phones and are directed to the campaign’s fan page, where they can share posts, videos, and photos about what it means to be Saudi Arabian and why they love KSA.

Sanita Club brand includes plastic and foil food wrap, plastic table covers, and paper hand towels, in addition to facial tissue and toilet tissue.

Sanita Club is a Napco brand and INDEVCO Group is a managing partner of Napco.
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