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Multipak Awarded BRC/IoP Issue 4 Certification

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Multipak receives BRC/IoP certification and verifies its effectiveness, cleanliness, high and functional technical performance and product quality.

Multipak meets recognized international quality, safety and legal standards for food and non-food packaging products, according to the BRC/IoP Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials certification. This certification helps provide protection to the consumer.

The BRC/IoP certification further verifies that the flexible paper packaging manufacturer adheres to principles from existing quality management systems, such as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP).

Mohamed Koleilat, Multipak Technical & Quality Manager, states,

“In order to maintain our competitive edge in the European market, Multipak always strives to sustain and upgrade all of its quality standard certifications that will lead us to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction”.

Karl Hernmann Klêgel, Lead Auditor from TÜV NORD CERT, Germany, conducted the BRC/IoP audit at Multipak’s Jeddah-based plant on 20 and 21 September 2011. The 2-day audit covered BRC/IoP Issue 4 requirements, product safety, the quality control process, management systems and HACCP. The auditor acknowledged Multipak’s progress and improvement since the last audit.

BRC/IoP Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials - Issue 4 is a revised version of the standard focusing more on quality and functional aspects of packaging which compliment the established requirements of factory hygiene. Although the certification was published in February 2011, audits against BRC/IoP issue 4 commenced in August 2011.[1]

Steps Taken by Multipak to Meet BRC/IOP Issue 4 Standards

Multipak implemented new procedures to enhance product safety and hazard free operation:

Sharp Tools Policy
To ensure a safer and more secure work environment Multipak uses single blade knives that are more secure, rather than using snap-off blades that can break and fall into products or harm employees.

Glass Policy
To avoid a dangerous work environment Multipak has enforced a policy making it mandatory that there be no pieces of glass on the plant floor.

Due to the fact that the BRC/IoP focuses on factory hygiene, Multipak improved worker laundry procedure and put into place instructions, such as ensuring that each factory worker was supplied with 7 numbered shirts to be tracked on a daily basis and ensure personal hygiene among factory workers for a healthier work environment. 

Read about Multipak BRC/IoP Certification 2010:

BRC/IoP Issue 4 Standards
(Information below has been directly taken from the BRC Global Standards Website)

Changes to the revised standard - issue 4 include:
  • Preparation and planning section, providing guidance and support for sites new to the certification process
  • New requirements for managing print control
  • Additional safeguards to reduce the risk of chemical migration from packaging into food products
  • Greater emphasis on managing the functional quality of packaging materials to meet customers specifications
  • Introduction of “Fundamental” clauses, relating to systems that are crucial to the establishment and operation of an effective packaging manufacturing operation
  • Introduction of a grading scheme based on number and severity of non-conformities
  • Audit frequencies and processes for corrective action review based on performance
  • Reduction to 2 product categories based on the hygiene risk associated with the final use of the packaging materials
Company Background

Multipak produces ice cream packaging, paper bags, paper sheets, paper cups, and paper tubes. Established in 1997, Multipak supplies flexible paper packaging to ice cream producers, fast food franchises, retail, carpet and textile producers in the Arabian Gulf, Middle East and Africa.

Multipak is a Napco company and member of INDEVCO Flexible Packaging, a division of INDEVCO Group.

Contact Information

Mohamad Kolailat, Technical & Quality Assurance Manager
Multipak Ltd.
Industrial Area Phase #4, Street #405
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
P.O. Box  32826, Jeddah 21438, Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966-2-608-0704 Ext: 6560
Fax: +966-2-608-1063
E-mail: mohamad.kolailat[at]

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