Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sanita Launches New Freshdays Website

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Sanita, Lebanese consumer hygiene disposables manufacturer, launches its new website for Freshdays brand of panty liners. Visit www.freshdays.com.

Freshdays’ new website provides detailed information about its array of panty liners, helping consumers choose the product that best meets their needs according to shape and features listed. Freshdays brand of feminine hygiene products includes normal, normal scented, 2 in 1, singles, long, and string panty liners, as well as the newly introduced Freshdays Sports products.

Available in English and Arabic, the website announces the launch of Freshdays Sports targeting sporty and active women.  Website visitors can benefit from helpful sports tips for integrating healthy workouts in their daily lives. The section called ‘Freshdays Sports Tips’ highlights some best practices for sports, such as running, cycling, swimming, tennis, skiing, etc.

About Freshdays Sports

Freshdays Sports is a new and unique product targeting athletic women and women on the go. The breathable panty liner is designed with 100% cotton cover and odor control for long-lasting freshness. The new product is flexible and adjusts to body movements to offer optimal comfort during workout.

With the fast pace of life today, Freshdays Sports panty liners adapts to the needs of active women, ensuring flexibility and freshness all day long.

Freshdays Sports panty liners help women feel clean and active all day long and come in two packages: Normal and 2 in 1 (fitting both normal and string underwear types).

Sanita is a member of INDEVCO Group’s consumer division.
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