Thursday, December 8, 2011

Private Introduces New 'Private Pocket Night' Feminine Hygiene Product

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“Private Pocket” advertising campaign launches the new ‘Private Pocket Night’ product on main Pan Arab channels throughout December 2011.

Private Pocket’ television advertisement presents ‘Private Pocket Night’ sanitary napkins and highlights the promotional 20% discount. The commercial describes ‘Private Pocket Night’ attributes including:

  • Natural cotton feel
  • Compressed thickness
  • Triple security
  • Optimal absorption and dryness
  • Individually wrapped

 Watch ‘Private Pocket’ television commercial 

‘Private Pocket’ television advertisement will run on Middle Eastern satellite channels, as such:

‘Ba2e3at El Ward’, Turkish series
Saturday till Wednesday at 21:00 KSA
10 – 21 December 2011

‘Style’ program
Thursday at 19:00 KSA
8 - 29 December 2011

‘Sayiddaty’ program
Sunday at 22:00 KSA
11 December 2011 - 1 January 2012

The television advertisement will also hold regular spots on MBC 1 and LBC Sat, as well as on Rotana Cinema.
Private brand products also include Private Maxi and Private Extra Thin sanitary napkins, as well as Freshdays panty liners and Miss Teen sanitary napkins.

Private is a feminine hygiene brand produced by Napco Consumer. INDEVCO Group is managing partner of Napco.
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