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INDEVCO Group Holds 2011 General Executive Meeting

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For the fifth consecutive year, INDEVCO Group top executives from around the world join together at the annual General Executive Meeting, GEM 5.

INDEVCO Group hosts once again its General Executive Meeting, GEM 5, at Beithania, Harissa, Lebanon, on 28 December 2011. The annual event invites INDEVCO Group top executives to gather and discuss corporate developments, share achievements of the past year, discuss endeavors to come in 2012, as well as listen to the state of INDEVCO presented by the CEO.

Furthermore, the meeting provides a forum for INDEVCO Group divisions, service units, and business units to learn more about one another and maintain synergy within the group.

2011 General Executive Meeting (GEM 5) Speeches

Antoine Awit, INDEVCO President’s Assistant in charge of Public & Media Affairs, introduced GEM 5 panel of speakers including Ziad Khadij, INDEVCO CFO, Mounir Andraos, INDEVCO Consumer Division Regional President, Elias Esta, Sanita Vice President, Roger Tanios, INDEVCO Group Legal Department Director, and Neemat Frem, INDEVCO Group CEO & President.

Ziad Khadij commenced discussions by explaining new developments within INDEVCO Information Technology (IT) Department. He discussed the new ISO 20000 certification received by INDEVCO IT and its significance, as well as highlighted that INDEVCO IT is the first IT department in Lebanon to receive this certification. Furthermore, Khadij addressed upcoming plans for 2012 and presented the INDEVCO IT Head Office service catalog (developed based on ISO 20000).

Mounir Andraos addressed INDEVCO Consumer Products Division growth and development since its establishment. He listed all INDEVCO consumer brands regionally and spoke about brand positions and market share. He also brought to light the various consumer campaigns that run during 2011.

Andraos ended by acknowledging the outstanding efforts, togetherness, and strength of the teams that worked under the political uprisings or instability in Bahrain, Egypt, Oman, Syria, and Yemen.

Elias Esta discussed developments at Sanita Lebanon, as well as addressed the consumer disposables manufacturer’s history and growth throughout the years. He discussed Sanita key brands and highlighted Happies baby diapers and Private feminine napkins leading position in the Lebanese market.

Esta named various social campaigns and community efforts Sanita implemented since establishment, including cleanliness campaign during the Lebanese war, distribution of Cedars, events at universities, and presentations in approximately 1500 Lebanese schools about hygienic awareness and conflict of generations. Furthermore, he explained how Sanita gives back to society by supporting over 300 disabled centers and providing job opportunities to people with disabilities.

Roger Tanios discussed the various services that the Legal Department offers INDEVCO Group business units. He clarified the structure and division of tasks within the department and introduced the Legal Department team. Furthermore, Tanios discussed upcoming projects of the Legal Department for 2012.

Following Tanios’ presentation, Neemat Frem, distributed awards, from the Organizational Effectiveness department, to acknowledge group members for their efforts and performance in key internal training seminars.

Frem continued to give the closing speech of GEM 5 addressing economic and political factors affecting outcomes of 2011 and projecting possible local and global situations for 2012.

Ziad Khadij, INDEVCO CFO,  addresses executives

GEM 5 Panel

 Mounir Andraos, INDEVCO Consumer Division Regional President,
lauds 2011 efforts

Elias Esta, Sanita Vice President, engages with the
GEM 5 attendees

  Roger Tanios, INDEVCO Group Legal Department Director, 
presents to the audience

About INDEVCO Group

INDEVCO is a Lebanon-based multinational manufacturing group with over 35 manufacturing plants and 30 commercial companies. Member companies manufacture paper and plastic flexible packaging, corrugated boxes and packaging, tissue, and consumer disposables for household and away-from-home institutional use.
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