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Masterpak Successfully Installs Geomembrane for Large Irrigation Lake in Lebanon

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Masterpak geomembranes offer impermeable lining solutions for water and solid preservation and containment.

Masterpak, polyethylene (PE) film manufacturer in Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon, installed geosynthetic materials at Irrigation Lake in Qattara, Jbeil.  Masterpak’s highly-trained professional team successfully completed the large project in less than one week, working under unfavorable weather conditions.

Due to the artificial lake’s large capacity to hold water, agricultural lands surrounding the water reservoir will benefit from access to irrigation water throughout the year even during dry seasons. The lake, located in Mount Lebanon, belongs to Saint Artemius (a.k.a. Mar Challita) monastery.

Bachir Awwad, Masterpak Market Manager - Geomembrane Liners and Qattara Project Manager, states,

“It was a challenging project in a remote region with severe and difficult weather conditions in December, including rain, cold temperatures, freezing, etc, however, we succeeded to deliver the job according to the requirements and specifications of the client.

We would not to have been able to do so without the efforts of our professional, efficient and dedicated team! The lake is now ready to collect and store rainwater to use during the dry season.”

About Qattara Irrigation Lake Geomembrane Installation Project

The artificial lake located in Jbeil district of Mount Lebanon, is 63m wide and approximately 85m long with a maximum depth of 9m. Masterpak installation project covered:

·  Approximately 6,000m2 of surface preparation work
·  More than 12,000m2 of geosynthetic materials
·  250gr/m2 geotextile used

Geomembranes have a vast array of applications ranging from water reservoir lining, stadium or basement water proofing, solid waste containment, dam or tunnel lining, and many more.
Geomembranes are used for:
-       Hydraulic engineering (dams, irrigation pond, canals and firefighting basins)
-       Landfill engineering (landfill sealing: base, slope and capping)
-       Environmental applications (retention basins & secondary containment)
-       Civil engineering (waterproof construction).

In addition to geomembranes, Masterpak also manufactures various PE building and construction films, such as concrete curing film, multi-purpose protection film, under slab vapor barrier, aboveground barricade warning, and underground warning tapes and signs.

Qatttara irrigation lake prior to geomembrane installation

Masterpak team installing geomembrane lining

Masterpak team hard at work

Qatttara irrigation lake after geomembrane installation


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Bachir Awwad
Market Manager, Geomembrane Liners
Masterpak sal
P.O.Box: 11-2354 Beirut
Zouk, Lebanon

Tel:  +961-9-209 001 
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