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Sanita Congratulates the First 25 Winners with ‘Happies Comfort Nights’ Campaign

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Sanita and Sleep Comfort joint national campaign ‘Happies Comfort Nights’ offers customers a chance to win 1 of 70 five piece kids’ bedrooms with every purchase of Happies baby diapers or wet wipes.

Sanita, consumer disposables manufacturer, held ‘Happies Comfort Nights’ first draw at its premises in Halat, Lebanon on 28 December 2011, under the supervision of the Directorate of the Lebanese National Lottery no.: 1045/1.

Customers still have a chance to win 1 of 45 remaining kids’ bedrooms. The upcoming draws will take place on 18 January and 15 February 2012.

How to Enter the Draw:

1-    Fill in the coupon available in the Happies pack
2-    Submit coupons at special collection boxes or envelopes available at various points of sale

‘Happies Comfort Nights’ promotion offers full Sleep Comfort kids’ bedroom sets including a bed, mattress, night table, closet, and dresser.

Congratulations to ‘Happies Comfort Nights’ First Winners

Winner Name Coupon Nb رقم القسيمة اسم الرابح
Abir sarkis 345344 ٣٤٥٣٤٤ عبير سركيس
Ali Hssein Youssef 075103 ٠٧٥١٠٣ علي حسين يوسف
Anthony Ghanem 165814 ١٦٥٨١٤ أنطوني غانم
Carlos Kellasi 163700 ١٦٣٧٠٠ كارلوس كيريلوس
Elias El Haddad 013787 ٠١٣٧٨٧ إلياس الحداد
Elie Mastouri 348565 ٣٤٨٥٦٥ إيلي مستوري
Fatme Saad 282826 ٢٨٢٨٢٦ فاطمة سعد
Fatme Saad 282826 ٢٨٢٨٢٦ فاطمة سعد
Firas Elias Touma 298035 ٢٩٨٠٣٥ فيراس إلياس توما
Hiba Kassem 396080 ٣٩٦٠٨٠ هبا قاسم
Hssein Habib Karssini 006483 ٠٠٦٤٨٣ حسين حبيب كرسيني
Karin Tarabay 304789 ٣٠٤٧٨٩ كارين طربيه
Kassem Haffouda 306052 ٣٠٦٠٥٢ قاصم حفوضة
Katia Abou Hamia 137766 ١٣٧٧٦٦ كاتيا أبو حميا
Khadijeh Charif Bazzoun 239971 ٢٣٩٩٧١ خديجة شريف بزّون
Marita El Gmayyel 010123 ٠١٠١٢٣ ماريتا الجميّل
Maryam Abbas 184433 ١٨٤٤٣٣ مريم عبّاس
Mohammad Bilal Khattab 035346 ٠٣٥٣٤٦ محمد بلال خطّاب
Mohammad El Koussa 048787 ٠٤٨٧٨٧ محمد الكوسى
Mostafa Adel Hajj 030923 ٠٣٠٩٢٣ مصطفى عادل حاج
Nadin Khalil 036818 ٠٣٦٨١٨ ندين خليل
Pauline Hanna 084042 ٠٨٤٠٤٢ بولين حنا
Rama Tarek Yassine 006049 ٠٠٦٠٤٩ رما طارق ياسين
Sally El Kallab 320437 ٣٢٠٤٣٧ سالي الكلاّب
Tia Brahim 092888 ٠٩٢٨٨٨ تيا إبراهيم
Yasser Ali Dakdouk 024593 ٠٢٤٥٩٣ ياسر لي دقدوق

About Happies Baby Diapers

Happies is a leading brand of baby nappies and baby wet wipes in Lebanon. The brand includes regular baby diapers and baby aqua swim diapers in different sizes, as well as antibacterial embossed wet wipes with protective cream and embossed baby wet wipes with lotion.

Happies baby diapers and wet towels are produced by Sanita in Halat, Lebanon. Sanita is a member of the multinational INDEVCO Group headquartered in Lebanon.

For More Information

Sanita sal
Halat, Jbeil, Lebanon
PO Box 11-2354 Beirut, Lebanon

Tel:  +961-9-477-478
Fax: +961-9-477-476 (Lebanon)
        +961-9-209-006 (Outside Lebanon)
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