Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sanita Cleans Up Lebanese Shores with the ‘Operation Big Blue’ Campaign

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As part of Sanita's continuous efforts to preserve the environment, devoted employees joined the national ‘Big Blue' campaign, to clean up the coastline in Jbeil, Lebanon.

In line with Sanita’s slogan ‘Ta Ydall El Hala Enna’, the Lebanese hygiene disposables manufacturer sponsored the 15th annual ‘Big Blue’ Campaign to clean up the Lebanese coast and sea, as well as protect marine species. The national campaign launched by Operation Big Blue Association (OBBA), a Lebanese non-governmental organization (NGO), took place on Sunday, 20 May 2012. 

Sanita communicated different nationalistic and eco-friendly messages during the campaign to spread awareness among Lebanese citizens to care for the environment and avoid dumping waste on the beach. Volunteers wore T–shirts, hats, as well as used Sanita trash bags labelled with the national slogan ‘Shouf Halak Bi Lebnan’, a campaign Sanita launched four years ago.

Furthermore, the hygiene disposables manufacturer provided volunteers with flags and trash cans branded with the slogan ‘Bi’etna W Adaretna’. The truck transporting all Sanita materials was also branded with the famous slogan ‘7ami Bi2tak, 7ami Baytak’.

About Sanita

Sanita, located in Halat, Lebanon, produces hygiene disposables, household tissue disposables, household plastics and foil disposables and away-from-home products. Established in 1972, Sanita continuously launches green programs and campaigns to increase environmental awareness.

About Operation Big Blue Association (OBBA)

OBBA seeks to protect and monitor coastal and marine environment against damage, as well as prevent the negative repercussions of pollution and waste on marine life and humans. Since its establishment in 1997, OBBA has developed a repertoire of direct social work, environmental activities, and ecological awareness campaigns.
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