Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Masterpak Offers Form-Fill-Seal Plastic Film Solutions to Raw Material Suppliers

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Masterpak, co-extruded polyethylene (PE) films and bags manufacturer, launches form-fill-seal (FFS) film production at Zouk Mosbeh plant in Lebanon.

Masterpak anticipates and meets resin producer needs for form-fill-seal (FFS) films in order to maintain symbiotic business relationships with raw material suppliers. FFS films are used on automated high-speed machinery that form bags out of co-extruded PE film rolls, then automatically fill and seal the bag.

Masterpak offers customers FFS films ranging in thickness from 114 – 250 microns for packaging resins and other products, such as building materials, chemicals, petrochemicals, fertilizers, and solid food products. With 2-side in-line printing, Masterpak offers up-to 4-color print on FFS films.

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About Masterpak

Masterpak, established in 1974, manufactures
customized co-extruded polyethylene (PE) films and bags. The PE manufacturer produces agricultural & horticultural films, building & construction films, household plastics & catering films, food & beverage films, tissue & hygiene packaging, industrial films & packaging and soap & detergent films, serving sectors in Europe, the Arabian Gulf, Middle East, Africa, Asia, America and Australia.        
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