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10 Reasons to Use Greenhouse Plastic Films

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Greenhouse plastic films, co-extruded transparent PE films, offer durable and cost-efficient cover for greenhouses to cultivate and protect fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

Whether at home (garden) or on an industrial scale, growing food or gardening require a cost-effective greenhouse cover to ensure the right insulation, light, and cover lifetime.

Greenhouse Plastic Film Specifications

Greenhouse polyethylene films co-extruded in 3 layers can be customized to climate conditions, applications and customer requirements. Ideally suited for vegetables and flower crops, greenhouse PE films are usually offered in clear, white, or yellow-green. The lifetime of plastic greenhouse covers can vary: 3, 6, 9, 12, 21, 24, 33, 36, 44 or 48 months.

Greenhouse plastic film designed with special additives offering adequate characteristics for protecting, harvesting and cultivating agricultural and horticultural products throughout the year. Different additives can be added to plastic films formulation, including:

-       Anti-dust additive
-       Anti-fog additive
-       EVA co-polymer
-       Infrared additive
-       Light diffusion additive
-       UV stabilizer additive
-       Anti-petal blackening filter
-       Disease control filter

Read more about additives for greenhouse plastic and their benefits.

10 Reasons to Use Greenhouse Plastic Cover?

1-      Optimized optical properties: sunlight management, from high light transmittance to high light diffusion in PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) range, enhancing plants growth under difference climate conditions.
2-      Minimized temperature fluctuation: Reduces temperature fluctuation between day and night creating the best environment for plants biological growth, leading to a decrease in cost of greenhouse heating, throughout the year.
3-      Cost-effectiveness: compared to other laying materials, Polyethylene greenhouse film is the least expensive way to cover greenhouses, coupled with high efficiency.

4-      Optimized mechanical properties: Offers adequate protection against weather conditions: heavy rain, snow, wind, under all climate situations.
5-      Light-weight: flexible film, delivered in roll shape, special folding, providing easy handling and installation.
6-      Customizable: Film design using the adequate additives and masterbatches, to respond to all growers’ requirements, application and climate conditions.
7-      Pest control: using adequate film formulated to control disease and fungal proliferation under the greenhouse in IPM (Integrated Pest Management) application.
8-      Better quality & uniformity of crops: Enhanced plants environments conditions, improving crop growth and harvest quality, to collect healthier products.

9-      Earlier and longer harvest period: Offers out of season cultivation, through year-round production of vegetables, flowers and fruits crops.

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