Monday, August 27, 2012

‘Sina3tak Hawiytak’ Advertisement Supports Lebanese Industrial Sector

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Mediapak, advertising and marketing agency, collaborates with Association of the Lebanese Industrialists (ALI) launches ‘Sina3tak Hawiytak’ TV campaign promoting Lebanese industry.

In line with INDEVCO Group nationalistic philosophy, member-company Mediapak developed a TV campaign to help the Association of Lebanese Industrialists (ALI) instill a nationalistic spirit, support the role of industry in the Lebanese economy, and encourage Lebanese citizens to support national production. The TV commercial conveys the message ‘Sina3tak Hawitak', meaning 'Your Industry is Your Identity', which links between Lebanese identity and its industrial sector.

About ‘Sina3tak Hawitak’ TV Commercial

‘Sina3tak Hawitak’ campaign sheds light on the creativity, talent, high education, and culture of Lebanese and focuses on how industry portrays the Lebanese people and community to the world. Furthermore, the ad highlights that it is through high-quality and meeting internationally-recognized standards that Lebanon positions itself worldwide.
Watch the ‘Sina3tak Hawitak’ TVC

 The campaign was conceptualized and executed by Mediapak in collaboration with ALI.

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