Friday, September 28, 2012

Sanita Announces Dreams ‘Deyman Bifikrna’ Campaign Winning NGO

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Sanita congratulates Sidon Orphan Welfare Society for collecting the highest number of ‘DONATE’ clicks on ‘Dreams - Deyman Bifikrna’ Facebook campaign.

Sanita, Lebanese consumer disposables manufacturer, names the final winner of $1000 from Dreams - Deyman Bifikrna’ online campaign on 28 September 2012. Dreams called on Facebook Fans to actively support one Lebanese non-governmental organization (NGO) to win $1000 by clicking on ‘DONATE’ on Dreams Facebook Fan Page for only one of the eight NGOs and sharing the cause on their wall.

Dreams ‘Deyman Bifikirna’ On-Going Offline Campaign

With every purchase of Dreams facial and toilet tissue products, customers can find a coupon representing a dollar amount inside the package. The coupon includes all eight NGO names from which customers can select a preferred NGO and submit the coupon to help raise money for the cause.

At the end of every quarter, Dreams gives each of the eight NGOs the money amount corresponding to the collected coupons filled. At the end of the promotion, running for a period of one year, Dreams will double the amount collected by the NGO with the largest coupon donations.

About Sidon Orphan Welfare Society

Sidon Orphan Welfare Society, a Lebanese non-profit organization, provides comprehensive services and care to the most vulnerable groups in the Lebanese community, especially orphans and children who have living parents and relatives but face adverse social and economic conditions. Sidon Orphan Welfare Society also cares for children with special needs and hearing impairment.

About Dreams by Sanita

‘Dreams by Sanita’ is a leading brand of facial and toilet tissue in the Middle East, manufactured by Sanita plant in Halat, Lebanon. The brand includes trendy and interactive designs produced for all ages, including: Dreams Classic, Dreams Mix, Dreams Car, Dreams Cubic, Dreams Kids and Dreams Toilet.
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INDEVCO Group Lance le Portail des Emballages de Produits Alimentaires

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Le nouveau portail offre aux fournisseurs de viandes, de produits surgelés, de produits de boulangerie, et autres, des informations détaillées sur les emballages de produits alimentaires en français.

La version française du portail permet aux clients francophones d’obtenir des informations détaillées sur les emballages modernes de produits alimentaires, y compris les aliments secs, les aliments surgelés, les confiseries, les assaisonnements et les condiments. Le nouveau portail affiche des images vives, ainsi que des descriptions précises sur les produits et leurs spécifications en langue française.

Les clients potentiels intéressés peuvent participer au chat en ligne, demander des devis, ainsi que télécharger les brochures concernant les emballages alimentaires, de restauration et de boissons.

Le portail interactif fournit également une section intéressante, « Inscrivez-vous », qui permet aux clients potentiels d’obtenir des offres et notifications spéciales reçues uniquement par email.

En plus, les visiteurs peuvent s'abonner au bulletin électronique OUTBOUND pour lire les actualités à propos du secteur des emballages de produits alimentaires, ainsi qu’à propos des produits et des usines d’INDEVCO Group à travers le monde. Par ailleurs, les visiteurs du portail peuvent interagir sur les réseaux de médias sociaux d’INDEVCO Group, notamment Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube et Twitter.

INDEVCO Food Packaging Portal Now in French

The French food packaging portal provides frozen food producers, bakeries and other food manufacturers with sector-related information and product specifications.

INDEVCO food packaging portal allows French customers and prospects to access detailed information about packaging materials for dried food, frozen food, confectionery, seasonings and condiments. The customer-oriented portal displays vivid products images with detailed product description and specifications in French in order to facilitate informed decision making.

The portal allows interested parties to download product brochures, engage in online live chat, submit direct requests for quotes (RFQs), which are processed by INDEVCO lead Generation Unit.

The interactive portal also presents an interesting section, "Sign Up", which allows potential customers to receive special offers and notifications only by email.

Visitors can subscribe to INDEVCO OUTBOUND e-newsletter to remain in-tune with the food packaging sector, as well as news from INDEVCO Group plants worldwide. Furthermore, portal visitors can interact on INDEVCO social media channels including Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.
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Visit INDEVCO Group’s New Spanish Dairy Packaging Portal

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INDEVCO Group’s packaging portal in Spanish offers detailed information about plastic, paper, composite and corrugated packaging to meet dairy market needs. 

INDEVCO Group launched the Spanish dairy packaging portal to provide Spanish-speaking prospects and customers with in-depth product information and detailed specifications about corrugated packaging to protect, conserve, pack, transport and wrap dairy products.

INDEVCO’s dairy packaging portal now provides comprehensive industry and product-based content in Spanish with a large variety of high-resolution vivid product images and brochures. 

Visitors of the interactive portal can gather all necessary information, engage in online Live Chat for any product queries, and request for quotes (RFQs), which are processed by INDEVCO Lead Generation Unit.

Furthermore, the portal offers pre-determining online tools, which suggest products and sectors of interest in Spanish language.

The dairy packaging portal also provides links to INDEVCO social media channels, such as FacebookLinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter. Interested parties can also subscribe to INDEVCO’s OUTBOUND e-newsletter to follow the latest product, company, sector, and event news.
Visite el Nuevo Sitio Web en Español de Embalajes de Lácteos de INDEVCO Group

Visite el sitio web de embalajes en Español de INDEVCO Group  que ofrece información detallada sobre embalajes plásticos, en papel, en cartón y compuestos para satisfacer los requisitos del mercado de lácteos.

INDEVCO Group puso en línea el portalde envasados de lácteos en Español, que proporciona a los prospectos y clientes hispánicos información precisa sobre los productos en y las especificaciones detalladas acerca de envases de cartón ondulado para proteger, conservar, empacar y transportar los productos lácteos.
El sitio web de Lácteos de INDEVCO Group ofrece contenido en español sobre la industria basada en productos con una gran variedad de imágenes de alta resolución y de folletos sobre las especificaciones de los productos.
Los visitantes del portal interactivo pueden reunir toda la información necesaria, participar en el chat en línea para cualquier consulta y solicitud de cotizaciones (RFQ) para productos, que son procesados ​​por la Unidad de Marketing en Línea.
Además, el sitio web ofrece herramientas en línea pre-determinadas, sugiriendo embalajes de productos lácteos en Español.

Este portal también ofrece enlaces a los canales de medios sociales de INDEVCO, como Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube y Twitter. Las partes interesadas también pueden suscribirse al boletín electrónico de noticias de INDEVCO para saber más sobre los últimos productos, la empresa, el sector y las noticias de eventos.


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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

ISO 10015: World-Class Learning & Development Practices

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The Learning and Development sub-unit of INDEVCO Organization Effectiveness Unit, improves training processes and enhances training solutionsby linking to existing competency framework to achieve effective and efficient outcomes .

The Learning and Development sub-unit follows ISO 10015 Training Guidelines, covering training development, implementation, maintenance, and improvement of strategies and systems. These guidelines provide guidance on how to select and implement trainings to close the gaps between required and existing competence levels related to the accomplishment of specific tasks.
ISO 10015 Training Guidelines: Four-Stage Process
  1. Defining training needs
  2. Designing and planning training
  3. Providing for the training
  4. Evaluating the outcome of training

Defining Training Needs
INDEVCO Organization Effectiveness Unit identifies competencies required for each job, assesses the competency level of job holders, identifies gaps between desired and actual levels, and offers solutions to close gaps. Consequently, the Learning and Development sub-unit specifies development needs covering the objectives and expected outcomes of the training. 
Designing and Planning Training
At this stage, the Learning and Development sub-unit designs and plans actions to be taken to address competence gaps identified in the first stage, and defines all criteria for evaluating training outcomes. 
Therefore, the sub-unit determines different types of constraints in the training process to be considered when selecting potential training methods and providers, as well as when developing of training plan specifications.
Providing for the Training
The sub-unit selects qualified training providers whose responsibility is to carry out all the activities specified for the delivery of the training in the training plan specifications. The Learning and Development sub-unit also ensures effective interaction between the sub-unit, the provider and the trainee, by providing support during the pre-training, training and post-training phases.
Evaluating Training Outcomes
Following all above phases, the Learning & Development sub-unit conducts a training evaluation in order to make sure that organizational and training objectives were effectively met.
Therefore, two evaluations shall be conducted, on a short-term and long-term basis, to verify the level of competence achieved. Consequently, the sub-unit collects data and prepares evaluation reports highlighting nonconformities and acting on corrective actions.
Monitoring & Improving the Training Process
Throughout the entire training process, the Learning & Development sub-unit is responsible for monitoring the four-stage process, as part of the company’s quality system. This ensures an effective process and meets company training requirements. Moreover, all records should be documented to provide the basis for validating the training process and to identify further opportunities for improving effectiveness in any stage of the process.

Contact Information

Wissam Mussaed, Learning and Development Manager
Organization Effectiveness
Ajaltoun, Lebanon

Tel : +961-9-237 062/3/4 Ext. 3247
Fax: +961-9-237 062/3/4 Ext. 3256
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fam Introduces “Softer than Ever” Folded & Compressed Feminine Napkins

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Fam’s new feminine sanitary napkin, ‘Folded & Compressed’, offers improved absorption and a softer feel. 

Napco Consumer, a leading consumer disposables manufacturer in KSA, introduces the new feminine sanitary pad, Fam ‘Folded & Compressed’, into the Arab market. The new and enhanced feminine hygiene product offers softer and premium-quality top-sheet coverstock fibers, providing women with improved protection and a more natural cotton feel.

Available in three sizes (Normal, Super and Night), Fam ‘Folded & Compressed’ comes in packages of 10 and 30 (Normal or Super), as well as 8 and 24 (Night). A below the line (BTL) campaign at point of sales will support the lauching of the new product, along with a large television commercial with the slogan ‘Fam Softer than Ever’ (Fam An3am Bikteer).

Features of Fam ‘Folded & Compressed’

Fam ‘Folded & Compressed’ offers:
  • Additional inner layer for even fluid distribution
  • A new pad design securing central absorption
  • More discretion with folded and individually wrapped sanitary pads

New Packaging to Appeal to Target Market
After extensive research, Napco Consumer with sister-company Mediapak, advertising and marketing agency, developed a new product package to appeal to women in the region. 
The product package integrates a new metallic effect offering innovative look and vivid colors, including a new purple for the brand’s flower icon. The package displays the feminine hygiene brand’s logo and promotes the “Softer than Ever” slogan. 




About Fam

am sanitary napkins are manufactured in National Paper Company Ltd. (Jeddah), Napco Consumer Products Company (Dammam), Napco Riyadh Paper Products Company Ltd. (Riyadh) in Saudi Arabia.

For More Information 

Napco Consumer Marketing Department
Industrial City 4, Street #404
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
PO Box 30263
Jeddah 21477 Saudi Arabia

Tel: +966-2-637-0757
Fax: +966-2-637-4886
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Monday, September 24, 2012

Photoblog: INDEVCO Paper Containers Division Organizes First RedBlue Marketing Meet-Up

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INDEVCO Paper Containers’ marketers and sales teams met together to share insights and set strategic goals at the first RedBlue Marketing Meet-Up.

RedBlue Marketing Meet-Up, organized by INDEVCO Paper Containers marketing department, took place on 12 - 13 September 2012 at the Hilton Hotel, in 6th of October City, Egypt. All of INDEVCO Paper Containers’ marketers, business development teams, and sales managers met over two days to align and set local and global marketing objectives.

Take a look at what executives had to say about the marketing meet-up:

Mariella Jaeger, INDEVCO Paper Containers (IPC) Marketing Manager, states,

“IPC’s RedBlue Marketing Meet-up was more than rewarding. The contribution of each person was essential to set local and export marketing strategies. The sessions were energetic and fruitful; we thank everyone for making this event possible! We are looking forward for the next meet-up!”

Teddy Zrour, Unipak Nile Sales Manager, states,

"The mutual understanding of creative cooperation between the marketing department and the sales force, and the importance of continuous renewal will end up giving great results." 

Joseph Seif, INDEVCO Paper Containers Sales Team Leader – Export, states,

“I would like to thank the Marketing Team for all the hard work and dedication to prepare such a great event. The seminar was very valuable and well organized and I believe it will add many benefits to the group and the team mission."

Sarkis Taoukjian, Unipak Export Executive, states,

“I believe that the meet-up created synergy within our marketing and sales structures, as it was an open door for more communication and information sharing. Such workshops help us put in place new tools to sustain growth and open up for new customer demands and greater capabilities.”

Ahmad Badri, Unipak Nile Marketing Manager, states, 

“The meet-up was an excellent opportunity for face-to-face communication and interaction between IPC Sales team and Marketing department. We identified exactly the marketing department's role, geared toward one common marketing strategy, through participating in workshops.”

Gilbert Eid, Easternpak Production Development Manager, states,

“I enjoyed the stream of the RedBlue seminar, and the fact that we were divided into small groups. This gave the speakers an opportunity to relate information directly to each of the participant's interests. I also enjoyed hearing about everyone's backgrounds and interests and most of all the speakers’ true-life experiences that were very useful. Thank you for a great seminar!”

Maroun Khoury, INDEVCO Paper Containers Export Sales Manager, states,

“The initiative behind the event was a good idea, being the first marketing event on division level. While looking deeper over the material exhibited, the workshops conducted, and the audience participation, no doubt the event was of a great interest to all. The get-together from different business units was of a unique multicultural taste that added towards a good outcome.  In a word the marketing team has raised the bar for the next meeting.”

About INDEVCO Paper Containers

INDEVCO Paper Containers, a division of INDEVCO Group, specializes in corrugated packaging and operates in four manufacturing plants in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.

INDEVCO Paper Containers packaging services include flexography (pre-print and post-print), offset printing and finishing techniques from lamination to varnishing, serving the agriculture, beverage, chemical and petrochemical, dairy, hygiene disposables, industrial, pharmaceutical, processed food and soap and detergent sectors in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Unipak, Unipak Nile, Unipak Hellas, and Easternpak are members of INDEVCO Paper Containers.


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Friday, September 21, 2012

Photoblog: Phoenix Energy Exhibits at Beirut Energy Forum 2012

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Phoenix Energy, renewable energy solutions supplier, meets with Lebanese Minister of Energy and Water to discuss eco-friendly heating solutions at Beirut Energy Forum 2012.
Phoenix Energy representatives met with booth visitors at Beirut Energy Forum 2012 on 13 and 14 September to discuss exhibited solar water heaters and biomass boilers. The event, held under the patronage of Minister of Energy and Water, Gebran Bassil, took place at Hilton Beirut Habtoor Grand Hotel.
The Minister showed interest in Phoenix Energy and displayed products for eco-friendly water and domestic heating, as well as met with Phoenix Energy General Manager, Rabih Osta.
Solior Solar Water Heaters
Phoenix Energy supplies Solior solar water heaters that utilize mirrors to focus sunlight onto the collector wrapped with a 94% solar absorption layer, thus providing higher efficiency than conventional solar hot water systems.
Read more

Biomass Boilers
Phoenix Energy offers biomass boilers that use readily-available olive husks from local olive oil mills in Lebanon, rather than diesel, thus reducing dependency on fossil fuels.
be installed for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural use.
Read more

  Lebanese Minister of Energy and Water, Gerbran Bassil,
discussing eco-friendly solutions with Rabih Osta,
Phoenix Energy General Manager

Phoenix Energy’s booth grabbed visitor attention 


Phoenix Energy Booth at Beirut Energy Forum 2012  

Lebanese Minister Bassil at Phoenix Energy Booth with Osta
Visit Beirut Energy Forum2012 photo gallery to view more photos from the event.
About Phoenix Energy

Phoenix Energy, located in Safra, Lebanon, supplies renewable energy products, such as solar water heaters, biomass boilers, wind turbine systems and solar outdoor lights. In addition, it provides resource assessment services and turnkey commercial projects to recycle and transform waste into electricity using waste-to-energy systems.

Phoenix Energy is a member of Phoenix Group of Companies and a member of the multinational INDEVCO Group.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Multipak Meets Market Demand for Mini Cone Sleeves

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Multipak offers wider variety of cone sleeve sizes to meet ice cream and confectionary market needs.

Jeddah-based Multipak, flexible paper packaging manufacturer, developed mini cone sleeves, offering a high-quality and eco-friendly packaging solution tailored to smaller ice cream cones. 

Multipak mini cone sleeves consist of 2-layers, an aluminum outer layer and an inner paper layer, providing ice cream producers’ cone sleeves that meet international standards and are tested to be drip-free and safe for food contact.

Multipak Mini Cone Sleeve Specifications

Total Weight = 1.00+/- 0.30 Grams
Total Height = 105.50 +/- 2.0 mm
Vertical Length = 108.00 +/- 2.0 mm
Lip Inner Diameter = 41.00 +/- 0.20 mm

Benefits of Multipak Mini Cone Sleeves:
Visually Appealing
Multipak offers high-quality printing through flexographic technology in up to 8 colors, as well as rotogravure printing. Furthermore, mini cone sleeves meet customer requirements, with test results showing no wrinkles, gaps, or creasing in the side sealing; Bottom tip evenly formed and no excessive glues not sticking, and proper ink adhesion.

Food safety and security

Multipak products are safe for food contact, meeting international food-safety and quality standards. The manufacturing plant holds BRC/IoP and Hazard Analysis and Critical Point (HACCP) certifications, and has passed meticulous supplier audits. Multipak supplies Yum! restaurants and Nestle.


The inner paper layer of Multipak mini cone sleeve is FSC/PEFC ‘Chain of Custody’ (CoC) certified, indicating that the paper originates from sustainably managed forests.
Easy to Handle

With thorough testing, Multipak ensures that mini cone sleeves offer an anti-drip packaging solution for smaller ice cream treats. The outer aluminum layer holds the top lid in place, protecting the ice cream from water penetration and other external debris, as well as preventing dripping.

Read more:

About Multipak

Established in 1997, Multipak manufactures specialty paper bags (handle bags, self-opening sack SOS bags and satchel bags), paper rolls, paper sheets, gift wrap, and paper core. Multipak’s paper products range from commercial to high-quality grades. All products may be coated with select materials and may be printed in up to 6 colors. The paper converter serves Saudi Arabia, Gulf Corporation Council (GCC), and North Africa markets.

Multipak produces and supplies ice cream cone sleeves, as well as ice lolly push-up packaging to Australia, Europe, the Far East, Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and North America.

Multipak is a Napco company and member of INDEVCO Flexible Packaging, a division of INDEVCO Group.


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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

INDEVCO Export Now a Gateway to 10 Packaging Sector Portals Meeting Customer Needs

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INDEVCO Group Product E-catalogue,, has now shifted to a simplified landing page, directing visitors to packaging sector portals and product pages.
In line with INDEVCO Group new marketing strategy, the following 10 key packaging sector portals were developed through 2012: 
Food Packaging
Beverage Packaging
Hygiene & Tissue Disposables Packaging
Catering Disposables & Packaging
Industrial Packaging & Plastic Films
Chemical & Petrochemical Packaging
Pharmaceutical & Paramedical Packaging
Dairy Packaging
Soap & Detergent Packaging 

Now, customers and prospects can locate targeted product information & specifications under their specific sector and find guidance to address packaging needs. Moreover, sector portal visitors can gather all necessary information, interact through online live chat with INDEVCO representatives for any inquiries, and submit requests for quotes (RFQs) directly, which are processed by INDEVCO Lead Generation Unit within 48 hours from receiving requests.

The portals offer comprehensive product-based brochures and present product specifications and images, showing packaging structure and materials. The ten sector portals also keep visitors in-tune with sector, company, and product related news by following INDEVCO social media channels including: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Google+.

About INDEVCO Group

INDEVCO, an international manufacturing group, produces paper, plastic and corrugated packaging for agricultural, beverage, construction, catering, processed food, dairy, industrial, paramedical and pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical, soap and detergent, tissue and hygiene converting, tissue making and promotional markets.

INDEVCO Group affiliates also manufacture personal care, household and institutional disposables for the retail and away-from-home (AFH) markets. INDEVCO Group employs over 8500 people in Cyprus, Egypt, England, Greece, India, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Ukraine, and the United States.
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