Thursday, September 20, 2012

Multipak Meets Market Demand for Mini Cone Sleeves

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Multipak offers wider variety of cone sleeve sizes to meet ice cream and confectionary market needs.

Jeddah-based Multipak, flexible paper packaging manufacturer, developed mini cone sleeves, offering a high-quality and eco-friendly packaging solution tailored to smaller ice cream cones. 

Multipak mini cone sleeves consist of 2-layers, an aluminum outer layer and an inner paper layer, providing ice cream producers’ cone sleeves that meet international standards and are tested to be drip-free and safe for food contact.

Multipak Mini Cone Sleeve Specifications

Total Weight = 1.00+/- 0.30 Grams
Total Height = 105.50 +/- 2.0 mm
Vertical Length = 108.00 +/- 2.0 mm
Lip Inner Diameter = 41.00 +/- 0.20 mm

Benefits of Multipak Mini Cone Sleeves:
Visually Appealing
Multipak offers high-quality printing through flexographic technology in up to 8 colors, as well as rotogravure printing. Furthermore, mini cone sleeves meet customer requirements, with test results showing no wrinkles, gaps, or creasing in the side sealing; Bottom tip evenly formed and no excessive glues not sticking, and proper ink adhesion.

Food safety and security

Multipak products are safe for food contact, meeting international food-safety and quality standards. The manufacturing plant holds BRC/IoP and Hazard Analysis and Critical Point (HACCP) certifications, and has passed meticulous supplier audits. Multipak supplies Yum! restaurants and Nestle.


The inner paper layer of Multipak mini cone sleeve is FSC/PEFC ‘Chain of Custody’ (CoC) certified, indicating that the paper originates from sustainably managed forests.
Easy to Handle

With thorough testing, Multipak ensures that mini cone sleeves offer an anti-drip packaging solution for smaller ice cream treats. The outer aluminum layer holds the top lid in place, protecting the ice cream from water penetration and other external debris, as well as preventing dripping.

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About Multipak

Established in 1997, Multipak manufactures specialty paper bags (handle bags, self-opening sack SOS bags and satchel bags), paper rolls, paper sheets, gift wrap, and paper core. Multipak’s paper products range from commercial to high-quality grades. All products may be coated with select materials and may be printed in up to 6 colors. The paper converter serves Saudi Arabia, Gulf Corporation Council (GCC), and North Africa markets.

Multipak produces and supplies ice cream cone sleeves, as well as ice lolly push-up packaging to Australia, Europe, the Far East, Middle East and North Africa (MENA), and North America.

Multipak is a Napco company and member of INDEVCO Flexible Packaging, a division of INDEVCO Group.


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