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Photoblog: INDEVCO Paper Containers Division Organizes First RedBlue Marketing Meet-Up

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INDEVCO Paper Containers’ marketers and sales teams met together to share insights and set strategic goals at the first RedBlue Marketing Meet-Up.

RedBlue Marketing Meet-Up, organized by INDEVCO Paper Containers marketing department, took place on 12 - 13 September 2012 at the Hilton Hotel, in 6th of October City, Egypt. All of INDEVCO Paper Containers’ marketers, business development teams, and sales managers met over two days to align and set local and global marketing objectives.

Take a look at what executives had to say about the marketing meet-up:

Mariella Jaeger, INDEVCO Paper Containers (IPC) Marketing Manager, states,

“IPC’s RedBlue Marketing Meet-up was more than rewarding. The contribution of each person was essential to set local and export marketing strategies. The sessions were energetic and fruitful; we thank everyone for making this event possible! We are looking forward for the next meet-up!”

Teddy Zrour, Unipak Nile Sales Manager, states,

"The mutual understanding of creative cooperation between the marketing department and the sales force, and the importance of continuous renewal will end up giving great results." 

Joseph Seif, INDEVCO Paper Containers Sales Team Leader – Export, states,

“I would like to thank the Marketing Team for all the hard work and dedication to prepare such a great event. The seminar was very valuable and well organized and I believe it will add many benefits to the group and the team mission."

Sarkis Taoukjian, Unipak Export Executive, states,

“I believe that the meet-up created synergy within our marketing and sales structures, as it was an open door for more communication and information sharing. Such workshops help us put in place new tools to sustain growth and open up for new customer demands and greater capabilities.”

Ahmad Badri, Unipak Nile Marketing Manager, states, 

“The meet-up was an excellent opportunity for face-to-face communication and interaction between IPC Sales team and Marketing department. We identified exactly the marketing department's role, geared toward one common marketing strategy, through participating in workshops.”

Gilbert Eid, Easternpak Production Development Manager, states,

“I enjoyed the stream of the RedBlue seminar, and the fact that we were divided into small groups. This gave the speakers an opportunity to relate information directly to each of the participant's interests. I also enjoyed hearing about everyone's backgrounds and interests and most of all the speakers’ true-life experiences that were very useful. Thank you for a great seminar!”

Maroun Khoury, INDEVCO Paper Containers Export Sales Manager, states,

“The initiative behind the event was a good idea, being the first marketing event on division level. While looking deeper over the material exhibited, the workshops conducted, and the audience participation, no doubt the event was of a great interest to all. The get-together from different business units was of a unique multicultural taste that added towards a good outcome.  In a word the marketing team has raised the bar for the next meeting.”

About INDEVCO Paper Containers

INDEVCO Paper Containers, a division of INDEVCO Group, specializes in corrugated packaging and operates in four manufacturing plants in the Middle East, North Africa and Europe.

INDEVCO Paper Containers packaging services include flexography (pre-print and post-print), offset printing and finishing techniques from lamination to varnishing, serving the agriculture, beverage, chemical and petrochemical, dairy, hygiene disposables, industrial, pharmaceutical, processed food and soap and detergent sectors in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Unipak, Unipak Nile, Unipak Hellas, and Easternpak are members of INDEVCO Paper Containers.


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