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Geomembrane Offers Lining Solution: Ain El Naanaa Irrigation Lake in Lebanon

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Masterpak, polyethylene (PE) film manufacturer in Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon, successfully completes geoliner installation at Ain El Naanaa hill irrigation lake in Lebanon.
Masterpak installed geomembrane liners at a large irrigation lake covering 9,500 m2 on Ain El Naanaa hill in Aynata – Bekaa, Lebanon. The impermeable geoliner preserves and contains water, aiming to supply surrounding agricultural lands with irrigation water throughout the year.

Working under windy weather conditions, Masterpak’s specialized team completed the project within 9 days, from 14 to 23 September 2012. Bachir Awwad, Masterpak Market Geoliners Manager, stated, “We faced windy weather which delayed the installation works for 3 days. It was a large project that took hard team-work to successfully install.”

About Ain El Naanaa Hill Irrigation Lake Project

Ain El Naanaa project details:

·  Project owner: Ministry of Water and Energy (project for government)
·  Contractor: Al-Kouroum Contracting, Agriculture & General Trade
·  Lake dimensions: Width: 75 m; Length: 135 m
·  Geomembrane covered surface: approximately 9,500 m2
·  AGRU High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) geomembrane used: 1.5 mm
·  Geotextile used: 200 gr/m2

About Geomembranes

· Film thickness: 0.75 - 3.0 mm
· Film width: 5 - 7 m
· Film length: 50 – 300 m

Geomembrane Features:

Geomembrane applications include water reservoir lining, pond lining, stadium or basement water proofing, solid waste and waste water containment, dam or tunnel lining, and other.

·  Flexible, strong & durable film
·  Elongate under stress to maintain integrity of the liners
·  Resist against puncturing, tearing or cracking
·  Resist UV exposure, low and high temperatures
·  Resist rodent and insect attacks

Geomembrane Applications:

·  Environmental applications (retention basins & secondary containment)
·  Hydraulic engineering (dams, irrigation pond, canals and firefighting basins)
·  Landfill engineering (landfill sealing: base, slope and capping)
·  Civil engineering (waterproof construction)

About Masterpak

Masterpak, established in 1974, manufactures customized co-extruded polyethylene (PE) films and bags. In addition to geomembranes, Masterpak also manufactures various PE building and construction films, such as concrete curing film, multi-purpose protection film,under slab vapor barrier, above ground barricade warning, and underground warning tapes and signs.

The PE manufacturer produces agricultural & horticultural films, building & construction films, household plastics & catering films, food & beverage films, tissue & hygiene packaging, industrial films & packaging and soap & detergent films, serving sectors in Europe, the Arabian Gulf, Middle East, Africa, Asia, America and Australia.

For More Information

Bachir Awwad
Market Manager, Geomembrane Liners
Masterpak sal

P.O.Box: 11-2354 Beirut
Zouk, Lebanon

Tel: +961-9-209 001
Fax: +961-9-209 002
E-mail: bachir.awwad[at]
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