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Phoenix Machinery Actualizes Dreams of ‘Stars of Science’ Innovators

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Phoenix Machinery, based in Safra, Lebanon, executes 3 innovation projects from the top 5 finalists of Stars of Science TV program, season 4.

Taking the lead, Phoenix Machinery manufactures the innovative devices developed by the finalists of Stars of Science. The Lebanese machine manufacturer will carry out the “Automatic Multi-recipe Cooking Pot” (AMCP) project of Khalid Abou-Jassoum, first prize winner of $300,000.

Moreover, Phoenix Machinery will spearhead the “Automated Home Pharmacy” project of Jaber Henzab, ranking fourth of the finalists, as well as “Lower Limb Rehabilitation Device” project of the fifth-place finalist, Amina Alhawaj.

Automated Cooking Pot

The new Automatic Multi-Recipe Cooking Pot (AMCP) serves as a simple, easy-to-use cooking tool in any kitchen, and facilitates the preparation of healthy meals. The pot is designed to record and archive multiple recipes and automatically mix the ingredients placed in its container. In addition, the pot holds a retrievable history of previously cooked meals to track eating habits in order to maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Automated Home Pharmacy

The Automated Pill Dispensing System aims to facilitate daily life of the elderly by assisting consumption of prescribed medication on time. The machine reduces dependency on others, by connecting with a programmable device to schedule medication time and inform users (through alarm) when to take pills.

Lower Limb Rehabilitation Device

The Assistive Lower Limb Mobilization Device (ALMOND) device facilitates active or passive movements of the limb/joint. The device comprises of an assistive lower limb mobilization apparatus for practicing normal movement of the hip, knee, and ankle joint during the early stages of physical rehabilitation.

The device is easily mobile and adjustable in height to ensure optimum positioning. ALMOND offers safe conditions for treatment and does not need an external power source or batteries.

About Stars of Science TV Program

Stars of Science, initiated by Qatar Foundation, is the first Pan-Arab reality TV program dedicated to innovation, aiming to shine spotlight on the next generation of young Arab innovators. Following a dynamic selection process, the jury and the public selected the winning 4 of 5 finalists’ in an exciting live finale, held in Doha, Qatar.

About Phoenix Machinery

Phoenix Machinery manufactures hygiene and tissue converting machines, high precision CNC components and machined parts, as well as develops and integrates machinery automation, process automation and power distribution solutions. 

The industrial machine manufacturer is a member of the multinational INDEVCO Group. Phoenix Machinery exports to Saudi Arabia, Syria, UAE, Egypt, UK, Spain, France, Germany, Russia, Haiti, USA and Africa.

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