Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Paper Core Dryer Machine Improves Product Quality & Cuts Delivery Time

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National Paper Products Company, Saudi paper packaging manufacturer, installs new core dryer machine at Dammam-based plant to better meet customer needs.

In line with continuous efforts to streamline manufacturing and improve plant capacity, National Paper Products Company reduces paper core curing and drying time by 40 - 60% with new core dryer machine. Through the installation of the new machine at the plant, the paper packaging manufacturer offers customers better delivery time.

Furthermore, the new core dryer machine improves product quality with better and more even distribution of air, by changing direction of rotations and using metal mesh. The new machine operates on all paper cores above 5mm thickness and serves 3 key functions for temperature control: heating, cooling, and dehumidification.

The new dryer machine further facilitates National Paper Products Company production process by offering pre-set drying plans ranging from 5 - 15 hours. These plans, which may be modified, are pre-set based on key factors, including ambient temperatures, ambient humidity, and core thickness.


About National Paper Products Company

National Paper Products Company, located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, meets customer paper packaging needs in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Established since 1956, National Paper Products Company was the first manufacturing plant of paper bags, cement bags, tissue rolls, and plastic crates in Saudi Arabia.
National Paper Products Company is a Napco company and a member of INDEVCO Flexible Packaging, a division of INDEVCO Group.
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Friday, December 21, 2012

INDEVCO Group Wishes All a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

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In the Christmas spirit, INDEVCO Group headquarters in Ajaltoun, Lebanon, will close the holidays on the following days:

Monday, 24 December 2012
Tuesday, 25 December 2012
Wednesday, 26 December 2012
Monday, 31 December 2012
Tuesday,1 January 2013
Wednesday, 2 January 2013

About INDEVCO Group

INDEVCO, an international manufacturing group, produces paper, plastic and corrugated packaging for agricultural, beverage, construction, catering, processed food, dairy, industrial, paramedical and pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical, soap and detergent, tissue and hygiene converting, tissue making and promotional markets.

INDEVCO Group affiliates also manufacture personal care, household and institutional disposables for the retail and away-from-home (AFH) markets. INDEVCO Group employs over 8500 people in Cyprus, Egypt, England, Greece, India, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Ukraine, and the United States.
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Masterpak Instills the Family Spirit During Christmas Time

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As part of its annual Christmas tradition, Masterpak spreads holiday cheer and distributes gifts to the children of its own team.
With Christmas just around the corner, the spirit of togetherness runs high at Masterpak, Lebanese polyethylene film manufacturer. For the sixth consecutive year, Masterpak team circulated employee homes to distribute Christmas gifts in the deep family spirit of the late founder, Georges N. Frem.
On 16 December 2012, team members dressed up as Santa and visited 13 Masterpak families from Beirut to Zgharta, bearing treats and bringing smiles to the faces of 29 children. The long time holiday initiative sets example of how Masterpak team is really one family.

Children patiently waiting to open Christmas gifts

Masterpak Santa’s giving out gifts
Masterpak team ready to surprise another family
Masterpak spreading the Christmas joy

About Masterpak

Masterpak, established in 1974, manufactures customized co-extruded polyethylene (PE) films and bags. The PE manufacturer produces agricultural & horticultural films, building & construction films, household plastics & catering films, food & beverage films, tissue & hygiene packaging, industrial films & packaging and soap & detergent films, serving sectors in Europe, the Arabian Gulf, Middle East, Africa, Asia, America and Australia.
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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Masterpak to Exhibit Plastic Films at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2013

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Masterpak, Lebanese polyethylene (PE) film manufacturer, will meet with global business leaders in the agricultural and horticultural sector at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2013.

Masterpak, member of INDEVCO Flexible Packaging division, will showcase agricultural and horticultural PE films at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2013, the world's leading trade fair for fresh produce, from 6 – 8 February 2013, at stand # B-13, Hall 8.2 at Messe Berlin, in Berlin, Germany.

From the company’s wide array of polyethylene films, Masterpak will display greenhouse covers and soil disinfection films, as well as silage covers at FRUIT LOGISTICA 2013. Masterpak representatives will gain a complete overview of the latest trends in the fresh produce industry, and meet with new prospects from around the world interested in fresh fruit and vegetable sector.


FRUIT LOGISTICA, the leading international meeting place of the fresh produce trade, brings together more than 2,400 companies from across the entire fresh produce value chain.
The exhibition offers a platform for worldwide small and medium-sized suppliers and players the opportunity to initiate business deals and contacts.

About Masterpak

 produces high-quality co-extruded polyethylene (PE) films and bags. The Lebanese polyethylene manufacturer serves the agricultural, industrial, construction, catering, food, beverage, hygiene and tissue, soap and detergent, petrochemical and chemical, in addition to retail and household plastics sectors in Europe, the Arabian Gulf, the Middle East, Africa, America and Australia.  Established in Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon in 1974, Masterpak is a member of the multinational INDEVCO Group.
Masterpak provides the agricultural and horticultural industry with: compost and forage bags, greenhouse covers, ground cover film, hydroponic gully film, low tunnel film, mulch film, silage covers, soil disinfection film, water membrane and banana bags.

Contact Person

Rany Sfeir
Market Manager - Agricultural Films
Masterpak sal
Zouk Industrial Zone
Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon

Tel: +961-9-209 001 Ext. 3624
Fax: +961-9-209 002
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Recyclable Greencoat® Wax-Free Boxes: Gerber Poultry’s Choice for Eco-Friendly Packaging

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Gerber Poultry Inc., a family-owned producer and processor of all-natural and antibiotic-free chicken products, partners with Interstate Container to convert 100% of operations entirely to Greencoat® recyclable packaging.

After years of experimenting with corrugated manufacturers, Gerber Poultry Inc. found Interstate Container’s Greencoat® boxes to be the perfect solution for their needs. Greencoat® boxes offer a recyclable, eco-friendly packaging solution that matches the durability, water resistance, and cost of traditional wax boxes.

“Gerber has been committed for over 60 years to maintaining the basic simplicity of its local, Amish, family farm roots as much as possible,” said Glenn Mott, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for Gerber Poultry. “For example, our feed has never included arsenic, and we do not use antibiotics or animal by-products as a cheap protein source – even though these are standard practices in our industry. Using non-recyclable, landfill-consuming wax boxes has been common practice too – but we knew it didn’t have to be.”

Gerber experimented with many different packaging firms, but “nothing ever came close to the overall function and utility of wax packaging – until Interstate Container came to our door with their Greencoat® box,” Mott explained.

With Interstate Container’s assistance, Gerber put Greencoat® to the test with a brief trial period, that included designing custom boxes, testing, shipping assessments, and evaluating end-user reviews. “We’re in the process of switching to Greencoat® for all of our bulk shipping needs, and to Interstate Container for all of our packaging needs. We will soon be a 100% recyclable, wax-free operation, said Glenn Mott.
The deep alignment of values and principles between Gerber Poultry and Interstate Container fueled the partnership, in addition to Greencoat® boxes eliminating wax disposal fees and offering a cost neutral packaging solution to traditional wax boxes.
Mott  explained: “Just like our branded Gerber’s Amish Farm Chicken®, they’ve carved a valuable niche for themselves with their Greencoat® boxes. Greencoat® supports Gerber Poultry’s business by delivering a simple box that works excellently, is technologically innovative, and also supports our local communities by eliminating unnecessary landfill waste.”
“Gerber Poultry, Inc. is proud to enter into this partnership with Interstate Container. Greencoat® is good for our business, and good for our environment,” Mott concluded.

About Gerber Poultry

Located in the heart of Ohio's Amish Country, Gerber Poultry, Inc. produces and processes a truly all natural, antibiotic free chicken. The chickens are raised on Amish family farms with a diet consisting of the highest quality vegetarian feed. Gerber's branded chicken products line, Gerber’s Amish Farm ChickenTM, has gained a fierce loyalty from customers and they express that loyalty nearly on a daily basis. Gerber’s fresh chicken products have developed a reputation for excellence in quality and service for customers in diverse markets. 
The poultry processor’s fresh, all natural, GMO-free chicken products include whole birds, cut-up parts and boneless skinless breasts and thighs. All are packaged in bulk or case ready trays for retail markets. Additional products include marinated and injected product lines of whole and cut-up parts for use in the foodservice industry. Gerber’s chicken products, “The First chicken That Tastes Like Chicken”®, are distributed in sixteen states.
About Interstate Container
Interstate Container, a division of Interstate Resources, produces award-winning sustainable corrugated packaging solutions for food processing industries; retail and shelf ready packaging; counter, pallet and POP displays; shipping and transport boxes, custom dunnage and packing materials; and corrugated boards and sheets. 
Plants are located in Lowell and Westminster, MA; North Brunswick, NJ; Reading, PA; Cambridge, MD; Asheville and Greensboro, NC; Columbia, SC; and Greeneville, TN.
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Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Offers Operational Excellence & Customer Satisfaction

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Following the Kaizen philosophy of continuous improvement, National Paper Products Company adopts Total Productive Maintenance to eliminate waste by improving all functions and standardized activities and processes.

Aligned with National Paper Products Company strategy and business objectives, Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) offers a structured and quantifiable methodology to reach operational excellence. TPM at National Paper Products Company builds a ‘continuous improvement’ culture and involves all employees, from top management to front line workers at the plant.

National Paper Products Company began implementation of the TPM program in November 2012, with the cooperation of INDEVCO Flexible Packaging Business Development Office.
 TPM allows National Paper Products Company to better utilize maintenance and production resources, improving uptime and machine availability by reducing machine breakdown and unpredictability. The paper packaging manufacturer can better sustain process capacity and optimize machines to operate at designed capacity, while taking a proactive approach to foresee and solve possible problems before any impact productivity.  

National Paper Products Company aims to improve Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) through effective asset management, and achieve zero defects, breakdowns, losses, and work-related accidents. TPM, also known as Total Productive Manufacturing and Total Process Management, creates a safe and pleasant working environment, boosting employee productivity and morale.  

Raja Bahsa, National Paper Products Company General Manager, states,

“In line with our commitment to boost the operational excellence standards, TPM is being introduced to improve assets utilization and productivity, by making processes more reliable and less wasteful.

NPPC objective is to continuously thrive in improving operational conditions by stimulating the daily awareness of all employees.”

TPM goals and outcomes span across 6 categories:
1-    Productivity/Production: Achieve OEE
      ·   Improve labor productivity
      ·   Attaining effective man-hours
      ·   Run machines during all working hours

2-    Quality: Achieve Zero Defects
·   Analyze customer complaints & warranty returns
·   Analyze in-house rejections
·   Analyze in-house rework
·   Analyze incoming material inspection / rejection

3-    Cost: Reduce Manufacturing Cost
·   Increase OEE
·   Cycle time reduction in bottleneck machines
·   Enhance machines / equipment lifespan

4-    Delivery: Achieve Customer Satisfaction
·   Increase OEE
·   Improve bottleneck machine/process

5-    Safety: Achieve Zero Accident Level
·   Provide training on machine operations
·   Identify unsafe actions and locations and take corrective actions to avoid
·   Motivate operating personnel through involvement and participation
·   Analyze past accidents and near miss accidents through why-why analysis and improve working conditions

6-    Morale: Increase Operation Staff Morale
·   Involvement and participation in circle activities
·   Develop multi-skilled and flexible workers.
·   Encourage generating “Kaizens” and reward for carried-out suggestions and improvements

About National Paper Products Company

National Paper Products Company, located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, meets customer paper packaging needs in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Established since 1956, National Paper Products Company was the first manufacturing plant of paper bags, cement bags, tissue rolls, and plastic crates in Saudi Arabia.

National Paper Products Company is a Napco company and a member of INDEVCO Flexible Packaging, a division of INDEVCO Group.


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Monday, December 17, 2012

8 Reasons Why Greencoat® Boxes Meet Your Sustainable Packaging Needs

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Today environmental concerns drive demand, causing a ripple effect along the supply chain from consumers and retailers to manufacturers and suppliers. Producers want eco-friendly, strong, sturdy, and cost effective packaging solutions that demonstrate commitment to protecting the environment and meet customers’ high standards.

Here are eight good reasons to choose Greencoat® by Interstate Container to meet poultry and produce packaging needs:

1-   Benefits for the Environment
Every wax-coated box takes up to a hundred years to break down in a landfill. How many boxes do you load up and ship per week, month or year? FBA-certified Greencoat® significantly reduces environmental impact by providing compostable, 100% recyclable and repulpable wax-free packaging.

2-   Dedicated to Eco-Friendly Innovation
Interstate Container devoted five years of research and development to create, fine-tune, and successfully trial Greencoat® wax-free boxes. The corrugated packaging manufacturer launched two plants exclusively to manufacture this proprietary technology, one in Cambridge, MD, and the other in Columbia, SC.

Interstate Container dedicates the necessary resources to provide customers with stronger, more sustainable boxes for the long term.

3-   Custom-Engineered Solutions

Most large box providers offer a fixed selection of box sizes, regardless of what products customers package or what challenges they face. Interstate Container assigns expert engineers to work with customers to develop “right size” customized packaging that builds strength while reducing costs.

4-   Pioneering, Award-Winning Process
Interstate Container received recognition for Greencoat® with the first-ever Pioneering Award by Global Green Coalition for Resource Recovery (CoRR), a Manhattan-based non-profit organization committed to addressing some of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges.

In the same year, Interstate Container Cambridge also received the WMDT/Mountaire Farms Environmental Star of the Month Award for outstanding achievement in promoting environmentalism along the Delmarva Peninsula.

5-   Proven Quality & Performance
Interstate Container produces and ships over 4.5 million wax-free boxes from its Maryland and South Carolina facilities every month. Furthermore, their corrugated packaging manufacturing plants partner with some of the largest food manufacturers in the country, including Mountaire Farms, who ship approximately 800,000 Greencoat® boxes filled with poultry every week.

During the development of Greencoat® Mountaire Farm’s  boxes, Interstate Container worked Mountaire Farms to successfully trial the product. Today, Greencoat® boxes have reduced hundreds of thousands of tons of greenhouse gases for Mountaire Farms, in addition to lowering costs and streamlining their supply chain. 

Larry Saywell, VP of Sales & Marketing, Mountaire Farms Poultry, states,

"We were producing about 30,000 tons of non-recyclable boxes per week on average, so when Interstate Container came to us with Greencoat, we were all over it. It’s just the right thing to do.”

With deployment on such a broad scale, customers can rest assured Greencoat® is field-tested.

6-   More Sustainable than Other Brands
Two custom-built, state-of-the-art Interstate Container production facilities coat paper in line with the rest of the process, saving time and energy. Competitors typically outsource paper coating to third parties, increasing expenses while making the product less sustainable due to the extra diesel fuel required to transport it.

7-   Simply Stronger than the Competition 
Greencoat® wax-free boxes are stronger than traditional wax-coated boxes – withstanding tremendous exposure to moisture, rough handling, and the ins and outs of cold-to-hot environmental conditions. The wax-free corrugated box offers a durable packaging solution with improved dry strength for long transportation and storage.

Greencoat® boxes are also easier to glue than traditional cascaded and curtain coated wax boxes without the carbon footprint.

Why not run side-by-side trials of Greencoat® with your current packaging to see for yourself?

8-   Delivering Satisfaction to Your Customers
Today, end users are increasingly demanding more sensible and sustainable packaging alternatives. They want to reduce their own carbon footprints and eliminate wax disposal costs, without compromising strength or water resistance.

Switching to Greencoat® will help customers satisfy growing demands, while making a positive contribution to the world. Furthermore, by using Greencoat® boxes, customers benefit from cost savings by cutting landfill disposal fees, typically ranging from $65-$125 / ton (tipping fees & pull).

To learn more about Greencoat® technology, arrange side-by-side packaging trials at your production facility, call Interstate Container today at 888.267.7722.

About Interstate Container

Interstate Container’s manufacturing plants in Columbia, SC and Cambridge, MD produce 100% of the innovative Greencoat® corrugated packaging in-house without sourcing from third parties. Interstate Container also produces corrugated retail ready packaging, point-of-purchase (POP) displays, protective packaging and industrial packaging in Lowell and Westminster, MA; Brunswick, NJ; and Reading, PA with sister companies in Asheboro and Greensboro, NC and Greeneville, TN.

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Iraq Agro-Food 2012 Gives Insight to Regional Agricultural & Food Market

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Iraq Agro-Food 2012 offers Unipak, Lebanese corrugated packaging manufacturer, access to growing Iraqi markets and insight into industry trends.

Unipak meets with national and international agriculture and food experts at Iraq Agro-Food 2012 to discuss corrugated packaging solutions to meet prospect and customer needs. Unipak exhibited corrugated packaging for the agriculturalfood processing, and beverage sectors at the leading agriculture and agro-food trade show from 26 - 29 November at Erbil International Fair Ground in Erbil, Iraq. 

Unipak delegation (L-R):
Edgard Bou Kheir,
IPC Senior Business Development Associate,
Sarkis Taoukjian, Area Export Sales Manager

Read more about Unipak participation at Iraq Agro-Food 2012:

About Unipak
Unipak, located in Halat, Lebanon, manufactures corrugated retail ready packaging, shelf ready packaging, point-of-purchase (POP) displays, promotional cartons, and corrugated boxes for the agriculturalbeveragecateringdairyhygiene disposablesindustrialpetro/chemicalprocessed foodparamedicalsoap and detergent industries.
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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bambi Brand TV Ad Supports Respiratory Syncytial Virus Awareness Campaign

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Bambi, Napco baby care brand in Saudi Arabia and Gulf region, introduces an integrated online and offline campaign to raise awareness about Saudi Respiratory Syncytial Virus.

Bambi, sponsor of the Saudi Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) awareness campaign, launches a TV campaign, under ‘Mommy Protect Me’ to prevent RSV among young and premature infants. The advertising campaign, under the motto “Ma3 Bambi Al Ma3rifa Himaya” or “With Bambi Knowledge is Prevention”, will take place from 13 December 2012 till 15 January 2013 on prominent Middle Eastern TV channels.

Watch “Ma3 Bambi Al Ma3rifa Himaya” TVC

Bambi TVC is aired on the following satellite TV stations:


AL Mountakim
Saturday till Wednesday at 17:00 KSA
Greys Anatomy
Saturday till Wednesday at 23:00 KSA

Sabah El Saudiyya
Monday & Wednesday at 12:30 - 13:59 KSA

Saudi Main News
Friday and Saturday at 22:45 - 23:45 KSA

Regular Spots

Duration is from 13 December 2012 till 15 January 2013

The Saudi awareness campaign aims at helping families learn more about ways to detect, prevent, and treat RSV. Parents can access Bambi Facebook page to acquire further information about the preventive measures and tips, as well as take part in the online contest.

About Bambi

Napco, leading manufacturer in Saudi Arabia, consumer division plants produce Bambi baby care products, including high-quality baby diapers and baby wipes. Bambi soft and dry baby diapers are equipped with non-allergic cotton feel cover sheet, leak-proof barriers with multiple elastic thread, micro-embossed waterproof plastic back sheet, ultra absorbent pad, and fouble refastenable tapes on each side. Bambi products are packed in PE flexible bags.

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