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8 Reasons Why Greencoat® Boxes Meet Your Sustainable Packaging Needs

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Today environmental concerns drive demand, causing a ripple effect along the supply chain from consumers and retailers to manufacturers and suppliers. Producers want eco-friendly, strong, sturdy, and cost effective packaging solutions that demonstrate commitment to protecting the environment and meet customers’ high standards.

Here are eight good reasons to choose Greencoat® by Interstate Container to meet poultry and produce packaging needs:

1-   Benefits for the Environment
Every wax-coated box takes up to a hundred years to break down in a landfill. How many boxes do you load up and ship per week, month or year? FBA-certified Greencoat® significantly reduces environmental impact by providing compostable, 100% recyclable and repulpable wax-free packaging.

2-   Dedicated to Eco-Friendly Innovation
Interstate Container devoted five years of research and development to create, fine-tune, and successfully trial Greencoat® wax-free boxes. The corrugated packaging manufacturer launched two plants exclusively to manufacture this proprietary technology, one in Cambridge, MD, and the other in Columbia, SC.

Interstate Container dedicates the necessary resources to provide customers with stronger, more sustainable boxes for the long term.

3-   Custom-Engineered Solutions

Most large box providers offer a fixed selection of box sizes, regardless of what products customers package or what challenges they face. Interstate Container assigns expert engineers to work with customers to develop “right size” customized packaging that builds strength while reducing costs.

4-   Pioneering, Award-Winning Process
Interstate Container received recognition for Greencoat® with the first-ever Pioneering Award by Global Green Coalition for Resource Recovery (CoRR), a Manhattan-based non-profit organization committed to addressing some of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges.

In the same year, Interstate Container Cambridge also received the WMDT/Mountaire Farms Environmental Star of the Month Award for outstanding achievement in promoting environmentalism along the Delmarva Peninsula.

5-   Proven Quality & Performance
Interstate Container produces and ships over 4.5 million wax-free boxes from its Maryland and South Carolina facilities every month. Furthermore, their corrugated packaging manufacturing plants partner with some of the largest food manufacturers in the country, including Mountaire Farms, who ship approximately 800,000 Greencoat® boxes filled with poultry every week.

During the development of Greencoat® Mountaire Farm’s  boxes, Interstate Container worked Mountaire Farms to successfully trial the product. Today, Greencoat® boxes have reduced hundreds of thousands of tons of greenhouse gases for Mountaire Farms, in addition to lowering costs and streamlining their supply chain. 

Larry Saywell, VP of Sales & Marketing, Mountaire Farms Poultry, states,

"We were producing about 30,000 tons of non-recyclable boxes per week on average, so when Interstate Container came to us with Greencoat, we were all over it. It’s just the right thing to do.”

With deployment on such a broad scale, customers can rest assured Greencoat® is field-tested.

6-   More Sustainable than Other Brands
Two custom-built, state-of-the-art Interstate Container production facilities coat paper in line with the rest of the process, saving time and energy. Competitors typically outsource paper coating to third parties, increasing expenses while making the product less sustainable due to the extra diesel fuel required to transport it.

7-   Simply Stronger than the Competition 
Greencoat® wax-free boxes are stronger than traditional wax-coated boxes – withstanding tremendous exposure to moisture, rough handling, and the ins and outs of cold-to-hot environmental conditions. The wax-free corrugated box offers a durable packaging solution with improved dry strength for long transportation and storage.

Greencoat® boxes are also easier to glue than traditional cascaded and curtain coated wax boxes without the carbon footprint.

Why not run side-by-side trials of Greencoat® with your current packaging to see for yourself?

8-   Delivering Satisfaction to Your Customers
Today, end users are increasingly demanding more sensible and sustainable packaging alternatives. They want to reduce their own carbon footprints and eliminate wax disposal costs, without compromising strength or water resistance.

Switching to Greencoat® will help customers satisfy growing demands, while making a positive contribution to the world. Furthermore, by using Greencoat® boxes, customers benefit from cost savings by cutting landfill disposal fees, typically ranging from $65-$125 / ton (tipping fees & pull).

To learn more about Greencoat® technology, arrange side-by-side packaging trials at your production facility, call Interstate Container today at 888.267.7722.

About Interstate Container

Interstate Container’s manufacturing plants in Columbia, SC and Cambridge, MD produce 100% of the innovative Greencoat® corrugated packaging in-house without sourcing from third parties. Interstate Container also produces corrugated retail ready packaging, point-of-purchase (POP) displays, protective packaging and industrial packaging in Lowell and Westminster, MA; Brunswick, NJ; and Reading, PA with sister companies in Asheboro and Greensboro, NC and Greeneville, TN.

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