Thursday, January 3, 2013

INDEVCO Holds 6th Annual General Executive Meeting (GEM)

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INDEVCO Group’s annual executive meeting brings together top management from the Middle East, Europe and U.S. for a review of the past year and a glimpse of initiatives to come.

INDEVCO executives from across the group gathered on 28 December 2012 at Beithania Center in Harissa, Lebanon to discuss developments across divisions, as well as 2013 projections.  Antoine Awit, Public & Media Affairs Assistant to INDEVCO President, hosted GEM 6, introducing speakers.

Mounir Frem, INDEVCO Flexible Packaging (IFP) Executive Vice President, presented how his division integrated B2B marketing into their operations, supported by business intelligence and the latest sales tools. Solange Taoukjian Ajouz, INDEVCO Marketing Services Production Manager, demonstrated the features of tablet technology and how the tool will support IFP’s sales team and division management. 

From INDEVCO Paper Making (IPM) division, Imad Issa El Khoury, Area General Manager, and Karim Frem, Plant Manager, shifted attention to 2012 developments at tissue mills in Lebanon and Egypt. El Khoury lauded both the division and sister companies for collaborative team work.

Fayssal Frem, INDEVCO Paper Containers (IPC) Managing Director,  presented a new initiative launched at the corrugated packaging division aiming at improving IPC services in the market. According to Marwan Diab, General Manager of Unipak, an IPC company, the new initiative has streamlined processes, cut down delivery time, facilitated communication with customers, and improved overall customer service and satisfaction.

Finally, Neemat Frem, INDEVCO Group President & CEO, closed GEM 6 by discussing group and regional developments in 2012, as well as projecting the economic situation for the group and for Lebanon and the Middle East in 2013.

Frem highlighted the growth of the INDEVCO Group family and emphasized the importance of human resources in effectively managing human capital and in developing and growing talent for promising careers.

INDEVCO Group executives stand for Lebanese anthem

 Antoine Awit , Public & Media Affairs Assistant 
to INDEVCO President

Mounir Frem, INDEVCO Flexible Packaging
Executive Vice President

Solange Taoukjian Ajouz, INDEVCO Marketing Services
Production Manager

Imad Issa El Khoury, INDEVCO Paper Making
Area General Manager

Karim Frem, INDEVCO Paper Making
Plant Manager

Fayssal Frem, INDEVCO Paper Containers 
Managing Director

Marwan Diab, Unipak General Manager

Neemat Frem, INDEVCO Group
CEO & President

About INDEVCO Group 

INDEVCO, an international manufacturing group, produces paper, plastic and corrugated packaging for agricultural, beverage, construction, catering, processed food, dairy, industrial, paramedical and pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical, soap and detergent, tissue and hygiene converting, tissue making and promotional markets. 

INDEVCO Group affiliates also manufacture personal care, household and institutional disposables for the retail and away-from-home (AFH) markets. INDEVCO Group employs over 8500 people in Cyprus, Egypt, England, Greece, India, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Ukraine, and the United States.

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