Monday, March 25, 2013

Interstate Paper Industries Implements INDEVCO Paper Containers’ Safety Color Code Standard

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Interstate Paper Industries, Egypt-based tissue mill, implements new plant layout design to improve operations and plant safety meeting international standards.

As part of the on-going strategy to improve plant efficiency and cost effective production, INDEVCO Paper Making Division launched the “Paper Machine 2” transfer project in 2012. The project aimed to improve operations at both member tissue mills by shifting the second paper machine from Unipak Tissue Mill facilities in Halat, Lebanon, to Interstate Paper Industries (IPI) plant in Sadat City, Egypt.

The successful project signified the initial stage of a large scale plan to implement world-class safety and quality standards and transform “Paper Machine 2’s” new facility into an exemplary plant.

Karim Frem, Project Manager, focused on implementing a framework for safe operations, starting from the plant’s layout design. The strategy coincides with Interstate Paper Industries’ General Manager, Raja Mouracade’s belief that “safety and good housekeeping start with a well designed plant layout”.

Steps to Elevate Operations & Safety at Interstate Paper Industries

Interstate Paper Industries applied best practices and principles, including raised floors for fast and modular expansions, one level operation for ease of control, and visual management among others. Furthermore, in order to strategically organize the plant, the tissue mill began implementation of 5S methodology, leveraging on the know-how of INDEVCO Paper Containers Continuous Improvement unit.

The 5S methodology aims to improve safety, downtime, efficiency, quality, and workplace morale through 5 phases:  Sorting, Setting in Order, Shining (systematic cleaning), Standardizing, and Sustaining.

5S Methodology at Interstate Paper Industries

The Continuous Improvement unit provided Interstate Paper Industries with a set of design standards dictating how to organize a shop floor based on the 5S methodology.  The unit created the standard by combining years of experience in 5S application and extensive research on globally renowned standards.

INDEVCO Paper Containers’ color coding standards organize the plant into colors, putting in place a system for employees to identify and evaluate the level and type of hazard at each location within the plant.  In terms of housekeeping, the color codes help keep the floor well organized and clear, and ensure that the roads and walkways always lead to the correct destination.

The unit continuously revises and improves the color code standards. With the core framework at its peak, however, upcoming revisions will deal with specific exceptions that may be faced during the implementation of the standard.

About INDEVCO Paper Making Division 

INDEVCO Paper Making division member companies include Interstate Paper Industries in Sadat City, Egypt and Unipak Tissue Mill in Halat, Lebanon. These tissue mills manufacture virgin and recycled jumbo parent tissue reels for converters of away-from-home (AFH) tissue, household tissue and personal care hygiene disposables in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (MENA). 
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