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National Paper Products Company Achieves Top Place in INDEVCO Index 2012 Results

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National Paper Products Company achieves top rating on INDEVCO/Napco Index 2012 for the second time over the past three years, meeting high internal and international quality, management, and operational standards.  

In a volatile and competitive international market, it is crucial to uphold to high standards in quality and management processes. INDEVCO Group and Napco annually measure the performance of member companies against an Index of 8 Standards of Excellence. The manufacturing group released the 2012 Index audit results, announcing that National Paper Products Company achieved top overall score on the rigorous and timely internal audits.

A high overall score on the INDEVCO / Napco Index indicates that National Paper Products Company meets stringent requirements for the 8 Standards of Excellence covering Finance & Operation, Safety, 5S Methodology, Key Performance Indicators (KPI), Voice of the Customer (VOC), Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Legal, and Human Resources. 

About INDEVCO/Napco Index

INDEVCO and Napco merged extensive experience in the market with expert know-how to develop a customized comprehensive Index, setting forth processes and standards to effectively audit, monitor, evaluate, and improve all operations within member affiliates.

INDEVCO Flexible Packaging division’s Center of Technical Excellence developed a process to meet international quality standards and continuously improve plant efficiency, effectiveness and safety to deliver excellence. The index continuously integrates industry trends, quality requirements and standards, as well as new experiences with the group.

INDEVCO/Napco Index Audit & Improvement Process consists of:
  1. Scheduling audits on a regular basis, based on an annual audit plan
  2. Setting expectations and conducting field audits
  3. Reporting findings, highlighting areas of improvement, and setting forth recommendations and expectations
  4. Consolidating and publishing audit results for top management to evaluate
  5. Conducting a Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to define problems, allocate causes, and effectively present a corrective action plan
  6. Developing an action plan to meet objectives
  7. Implementing steps or changes
  8. Evaluating affiliates to ensure correct actions implemented and non-conformities amended
INDEVCO/Napco Index 8 Standards of Excellence:

Internal Audit – Finance & Operations

The Internal Audit Standard of Excellence evaluates all financial aspects of INDEVCO and Napco companies, ensuring organization, accurate book keeping, and that clear procedures are in place.

INDEVCO and Napco companies are audited against set standards of safety, such as that of National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) fire risk hazard. This Standard of Excellence focuses on ensuring a safe working environment for employees to avoid crisis situations, including hazards, accidents, and property loss.

The Index evaluates whether member companies follow necessary steps to implement the 5S methodology, consisting of five principles: Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain.
5S methodology, also known as housekeeping methodology, organizes the workplace to improve morale, safety, downtime, quality and throughput.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

KPIs offer the framework for monitoring and measuring performance, as well as evaluating whether targets are being met. KPIs allow companies to benchmark goals and work towards them.

Voice of Customer (VOC)

Evaluate the success of the company at achieving and retaining customer satisfaction. VOC records and analyzes complaint frequency and value, delivery performance, and customer turnover through customer surveys and audits.

Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE)

OEE provides metrics to evaluate manufacturing operations, machine performance and condition, and equipment safety. INDEVCO and Napco companies set forth strategies to improve plant OEE through effective asset (inventory) management and by optimizing machine performance to increase productivity, achieve zero defects, as well as reduce machine downtime, losses, and work-related accidents.


The ‘Legal’ Standard of Excellence makes certain that all affiliates operate legally, meet obligations, deadlines, and requirements, as well as accurately document, and effectively manage contracts.

Human Resources (HR)

The HR standard ensures that affiliates effectively manage human capital, implement a quality management system, adhere to the group level HR system, and implement HR initiatives.

About National Paper Products Company 

National Paper Products Company, located in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, meets customer paper packaging needs in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Established since 1956, National Paper Products Company was the first manufacturing plant of paper bags, cement bags, tissue rolls, and plastic crates in Saudi Arabia.

National Paper Products Company is a Napco company and a member of INDEVCO Flexible Packaging, a division of INDEVCO Group.
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