Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Private Brand Revamps Designs: A New Vivid Website

For OUTBOUND home page, go to http://outbound.indevcogroup.com

Sanita redesigns Private website, in line with the brand’s new vibrant packaging design and slogan ‘a new passion for pink’.

Private, a leading feminine hygiene brand in the Middle East, launches a revamped website, customized to better meet visitor information needs. The website helps acquaint customers to the new colorful packaging design for Private feminine hygiene products, while featuring up-to-date information on the products page about Private brand’s variety of sanitary napkins and panty liners. 

Private website helps visitors stay in tune with the brand’s latest campaigns and news by linking to social media channels. Visitors can also watch Private ‘Passionate by Nature’ TV commercial directly from the website.

Promoting Healthy & Happy Women

In line with Sanita’s commitment to guiding women through key milestones in life, Private website helps women better understand physical and psychological changes at different stages of maturation. The website features tips to guide women through all phases of womanhood and answers important questions about starting period, living an active life, enjoying pregnancy, and smoothly entering menopause.

Website visitors can download guides to:

Everything about Starting your Period
Everything about Living the Active Life
Everything about Enjoying Pregnancy
Everything about Entering Menopause 

Private brand provides school presentations to help educate young girls about changes within a woman’s body during puberty and how to care for the body during menstruation, from hygienic practices to health tips. Educational institutions can contact the feminine hygiene disposables brand via the ‘Education Resources’ page to request educational services.

About Private Brand

Private feminine sanitary napkin brand includes Private MaxiPrivate Extra ThinPrivate Maxi Pocket,  and  Private Miss Teen sanitary napkins, as well as Freshdays and Freshdays Sports panty liners.

Private is produced by Sanita in Halat, Lebanon. Sanita is a member of the multinational INDEVCO Group.

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